Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Irrational Beast


COP (all In Cadence)

SSH x 14

Merkins x 14

Helicopters x 14

Arm Circles 10 small 4 big and reverso

PI Beast

Waiter carry/Suitcase carry to light post

at each post perform 14 of the reps of assigned exercise then turn around and do the same thing back to the begining.  Exercises were:

  • Goblet squats
  • Clean and press
  • lawn mowers, turned wrist on the way back
  • Halos
  • Slingshots
  • Swings (we ran out of time and didn’t get to this one)

Mosey back to the flag

One minute of Boat/Canoe because we got started late




No Idea took us out


YHC rolled up the AO at 5:20 to an empty parking lot. At 5:25 he planted the SF, looked at the still empty lot, and got back in the truck to wait. At 5:30 YHC got ready to Q for a PAX of one and was getting started when Helix and Opus rolled up. Mumblechatter centered around third arms, electric socks, and exorcise clarification.

No Idea and Seismic rolled in around 6:00. Is the 2.0 considered LIFO if they are reliant on the 1.0 to get them to the AO. The PAX then watched in amazement as No Idea started his car to get the heat running, got in and we did not see him get out until the 6 caught up.

As always it was an honor to lead






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  1. Lies, lies! Well, I did roll in at 5:55, so almost 6, and I did start the car early, but for my 2.0, not me, and I didn’t get in the car until it was time to leave. On another note, my apologies to Helix and Opus, whom I was supposed to pick up.

  2. This one totally smoked me. Grateful for the humor, which took my mind off the pain. Thanks for taking the Pi Day Q, Mud Face. No idea, no worries about the alarm clock malfunction. Glad you and Seismic made it out. Impressive to witness his Pi recitation!

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