Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Back to the gloom


Two heroes gathered in the extra-gloomy gloom for a HPQ workout.  It went something like this:

Swirly lead. COP.  20x SSH, 10X Don Quixote,  20x LBC, 20x Flutter kicks.

Mosey to tennis courts.  Lunge across 10x Merkins at start and end.  Lunge back.  Same with Russian Soldiers.  Same with Reverse lunge except substitute WWIIs.

Mosey to Bowl.  3 sets of 20x dips, 10x incline merkins and 10x WWIIs.

Sippy lead.  Get rocks and do 3 sets of 20 second air chair with rock, 10x seated twists with rock, and 8x crossover merkins.  Return rocks.

Mosey to Playground area for some hangs all with chin up grip:  10 count in cadence chin above bar.  10 count dead hang.  10 count with 90 degree elbow, 10 count with back of neck on bar.  Then 5 regular pullups.

Mosey to tennis courts for tracers, but at each time you reach the net do: round 1: 3x Burpees.  round 2: 10x WW2s.

Swirly lead.  Mosey to picnic tables for 3 sets of 10x dips, 10x step-ups, and 10x Decline merkins.  Then Flutter kicks (20x), Freddie Mercuries (20x) and alternating 6 inches and 90 degrees for ~2 min.

Jog together back to Swirly’s house, and Sippy took us out.

Moleskin.  Not much mumblechatter today–we were ready to work, and had fun pushing each other.  It was also nice to jog back to Swirly’s house together at the end–he’s lived there 22 years!


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