Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Always go Left


A mighty 16 woke up this morning, to be greeted with maps with squiggly lines representing this morning’s route.  This was Lab Rat’s 4th try to make the Serpentine route an instant classic.

4 Milers- follow 4 mile map

5 Milers- follow 5 mile map

6 milers- do what you like.  Just kidding, follow your map.

NMS- All mileages were represented today, along with No Tools and Ricky Bobby on the bikes.  Great morning for a run, and it showed by the splits.  Nice to run with Singer and Pucker for a bit, then catching up with Swirly.

Wedding Singer’s baby #2 is coming any day!  Keep us updated, Singer!

Moment of silence for the runner who was struck in Atlee last week, who died a couple days ago.

Apology of the week goes to Hardywood for presenting him with a Geography test before his second cup of coffee.  I should have just said “run with Saab”.


Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Nice work guys…gotta love a Lockjaw handout. LJ – scan that baby and post it for review – maybe after some studying the PAX can get it down, and those of us who only read about it every few weeks are curious to see it…ok, maybe its just me.

    TYA out for a run already – what a stud!

    Crazy about all the stories of pedestrians, bikers, runners getting hit lately…get your lamps and vests or trons (or whatever reflector you can) on boys. Light ’em up and keep your head on a swivel. Stay Safe!

  2. Great run this morning fellas! Offshore and myself clearly didn’t follow the BB title as we took a right on the last turn and not a left thus we end up coming down the wrong road. Oh well still got 75% of it correct and gave us some extra miles in.

  3. When Sippy arrived I simply said “zig-zag”…and he replied “ah, Lab Rat”

    Thanks to Sippy for getting us to finally complete the route in its proper form, and minimize our time on the alleyways .

  4. That was more than a geography test, that was some weirdo rorschach test where everythinng looks like a dong, but if you say it looks like a dong then everyone gets all judgy and won’t let you look at their maps. So your route that looked like corn dogs was a blast.

  5. Saab – for your reference it’s not possible to high jump 18 feet . That is generally pole vault. See phonics for any clarification.

  6. Thanks Lab Rat. I didn’t get it exactly right but I finished close to the prescribed distance and at the right time so no search parties required.

    I call that a win! Good work everybody

  7. I think we finally got the route right this time. The side streets are certainly a quiet and safe place to run.

  8. Funny you bring that up. Perhaps you are being ironic, but from what I recall from the conversation…

    Phonics: “She jumped 18 feet.”
    Hardywood: “Wow. Was that high jump?”
    Phonics: “No, pole vault”
    Saab: …’duh…of course it was POLE vault Hardywood…it was 18ft!…’

    Just want to make certain you didn’t think that inquiry came out of my mouth (although it does sound like something Saab would ask)…..