Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Where is Oyster and Mr. Roper?


YHC was thinking about this workout on Monday with the intentions of getting Oyster and Mr. Roper involved with the Q. YHC arrived this morning with a twinkle of light coming from the soccer fields, quickly realizing that Swirly, Gumbo, and Rosie were earning extra credit with a run. With a few minutes before 0530 and no Oyster or Mr. Roper, there were still a few PAX members who could assist with the Q. 0530..time to Mosey.

COP- Don Quixote, Invisible Jump Rope(fail), Copperhead Squats, Imperial Walkers, Flutter kicks, Freddie Mercuries, and Booya Merkins….all with varying reps.

Mosey to soccer field for Modified 11’s….Merkins on one side, V-ups on the other side. Start with 1 merkin and run to other side of the field for 10 v-ups. Run back across the soccer field, 2 merkins than back across soccer field for 9 v-ups. Repeato until 10 merkins and 1 v-ups completed. Q handed over to Honeymoon.

Off PAX went from soccer field all the way to entrance of Huguenot Park (never been this close to Robious) and back to edge of soccer field and turn around again, running to basketball court. Honeymoon believes PAX needed miles for CSAUP.  At basketball court, sprints were called out but Honeymoon meant suicides. After one suicide, Q handed over to Hardywood.

Progressive 4 Corners was called by Hardywood. Corner 1, x5 burpees and run to corner 2. Corner 2, x10 hand release merkins but Corner 1 first than Corner 2. Mosey to Corner 3 for x20 Mark Spitz (on your six, head up, arms up, and flutter kicks, 2 count) but start with Corner 1 exercises than Corner 2 exercises than Corner 3 exercises. Mosey Corner 4, x 30 SSH but with a twist (x 15 on L leg, x 15 on R leg) but first Corner 1->Corner 2->Corner 3->finish with Corner 4. Plank while waiting for PAX to finish. Mosey to white line for Crawl Bears down the court and plank. Q hand over to Rosie. Rosie had approx. 5 mins to entertain the PAX.

YHC heard Rosie’s exercises referred to Honeymoon Suite……ie circle up for following exercises. Rosalita’s, Dora’s, Heals to Heaven, Alabama Prom Date’s, Peter Parker’s,  and several more that YHC cannot remember at this point in the morning.

Times up…Number-ama, Name-r-ama, and Announcements. Congratulations to TYA for ONE HELL OF A JOB. RESPECT!!!  Few people can say they have run 100 mile race!!

YHC took us out! As Gumbo said, “Get it all out.” YHC said, “I thought it was.”

NMS–Winklevoss, way to push this morning! Keep working at it and the workouts will feel better!!! Honeymoon, were you confused that No Toll might be Spider Run but definitely more straight!!! PAX members, please check out Peedmont.com…..definitely worth the read. Hardywood…Progressive 4 Corner-good call! Rosie…..outstanding work!

Way to work this morning!!! The support from you guys over the past 2 weeks is awesome. I am blessed to call you my friends! These workouts are the perfect way to start the morning. Only those who post understand!!

Loud and Proud,



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  1. So I heard the early chatter about “2-3 guys due to Q” and thought it was about time I stepped up. April 24 at no toll.
    It might take the long for my shoulders to recover from the beat down y’all dished our this morning!

  2. Get it all out is my new call to action.

    Your hurt, your love, your debt, your talents. Share the blessings and deal with the shame. Have the courage to vulnerable and be brave enough to let go.

    Whatever it is, just get it all out.

    Just awesome.

  3. Great pre-game run with Swirly and Rosie — silly Rosie and I thought we might actually beat Big Blue as we rolled in a little after 0500 and Rosie chuckled…ha, BB is already here. Great to have Swirly join us for the run. Let’s make that a regular thing until CSAUP. Same at Timberwolf on Thursdays? Just a quick mile or 2 or 3.

    Great hot-potato Q today men. Each one was tough and I swear every time we go HP it seems like time stands still.

    Just for the record, at the end, I was telling Winkelvoss to “get it out” as he was coughing up a lung…but it was appropriate for other things as well and Flatline’s timing on the response was perfection.

    Well said today Flatline…no better way to start the day and you are right, if you don’t post, you don’t understand.

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