Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Illuminated Minions


YHC wanted to run the bridge this morning hoping to catch a sunrise over the bridge before the time change next weekend reverts us back to morning darkness.

The Routes – Over the river and downstream to appropriate turn arounds at Shirley (Shirley you must be kidding!) for the 5s, and beyond the quarry for the 6s.  It seems this RVA Pax is geographically challenged as most of the route overview was spent conveying which way the river flows.  A couple of the Pax, not naming names, need a compass.

Shakedown and I came across a group of about 30 or so runners with nearly identical running headlamps and reflective running jackets.  Who they were we may never know, but they were a sight indeed, and in fact the name of this backblast.  Upon our return trip over the bridge we could see them coming upstream next to the river with their reflection in the water.  Running with a photographer (Shakedown) with a good eye granted YHC awareness of the awe of what is visible, but not necessarily apparent.


  • Congrats TYA on the 100 miler.  Quite an accomplishment indeed.  I hope your crew has a speedy recovery as well.
  • CSAUP is upon us.  We need Tuckahoe nano-region non-CSAUP-runners (Pucker, Ronnie, TwoCan, Plush, Keymaster, and so on) to man our party zone for a few hours late night on the 13th.  See Lockjaw if a couple of you can do that.
  • Good Luck for those doing Bel Monte (Upchuck, Honey Do, Flashdance, and Shakedown) this weekend.  Its going to be a great run.

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  1. Killer run today with Sippy today…near the end he pushed us to a sub-6:30…I am smoked.

    Best of luck to you Shakedown. I know you will do well (although be careful given the forecast conditions….that is not a trail I would want to run on in the snow/ice). Enjoy the bacon.

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