Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Partner assisted James crossing


Four Sunday regulars – three men and a doggo – braved some of the most beautiful RVA weather in weeks hoping for dry trails and calm winds. No disappointment.

Shakedown, Offshore, Sally (K9) and YHC set out with a general idea to proceed down the North Bank toward the bridges and figure out the rest later with a target of 7 miles. Basically this is what Shakedown thinks of as tapering for a 25K next weekend…

Decision was made to cross over to Belle Isle and return to the North Bank via Potterfield Bridge.

Sally started over Potterfield strong but trepidation grew as the sound of rushing water increased. Eventually no amount of encouragement from the team could get her to budge another inch. To be fair, the rushing water also sent Shakedown looking for some relief of his own.

Activate the partner assisted bridge crossing and Sally made it to the safety of dry land and we headed back. In the end we completed a leisurely 8.7 (8.9 for Shakedown as he ran ahead to find a john) miles. Just a tad over 7.

Lots of other runners on the trails today taking advantage of the gorgeous running weather.

Guys, thanks for the excellent conversations about power tools, yard fowl, photography and music. I hope Reba, Emmylou, and Dolly appreciate their new abode.

Good luck Shakedown, Upchuck, Honey Do, Flashdance (any others?) running the Bel Monte 25K in Wintergreen next week. Hats off!

Great work TYA finishing 100 miles! Amazing


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  1. What an awesome pack/PAX. Thanks for the run and for help with Sally. Looking forward to hearing about Shakedown crushing the Belmonte next week.

    Congrats to TYA! I’m not believing that was an “after” picture that was tweeted out – he looked like he was getting ready to start.