Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lost my mind, lost the way


A dry morning rolled around for a change, and 8 hearty souls showed up, with the aim of letting iron sharpen iron.  This is how it worked out.


Freddie Mercury’s x 15       Arm circles, 10/5 small/big, reverso        SSH x 20

Don Quixotes x 10             Merkins x 5

Mosey to parking lot curb, ready for 11’s–Goblet squats and halos, lunging from curb to median.

YHC then set up 4 pairs of cones, in a straight line, about 25 feet apart.  The PAX lunges to first cone, does 5 reps of each exercise, walks back to start, lunge to second cone, 10 reps, walk back, lunge to third cone, 15 reps, walk back, lunge to fourth cone, 20 reps, walk back.  Exercises were KB swings, around the world, lawnmowers, and snatches.  For lack of a better term this was called KB suicides.

Mosey to SF, 5 reps each of sit up press, American Hammers and good mornings.  Then Chewy led us in 5 reps of Boat/Canoe, KB style.

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out.


YHC knew it was going to be a good workout when he realized 2 PAX were graduating today, so first thing was Pick Two and Chewy led the graduation march around the bus loop, new KB’s held high, followed by PAX humming Pomp and Circumstance.

We moseyed over to the school entrance, where YHC called out the first COP exercise “Freddie Mercurys” and then YHC promptly started doing LBC’s, only for Emoji to call him on it (thanks Emoji).  YHC was amazed this didn’t cause more mumblechatter from the PAX, especially Mudface and Spit, as YHC gives them a hard time when they mess up.  Spit did do a good job of causing YHC to lose focus during SSH by doing said exercises in very creative ways.

Overall the PAX crushed the workout, and YHC was proud to lead.  It was interesting to see at least two PAX lose their sense of direction while walking in a straight line during the KB suicides. Congrats again to Pick Two and Chewy on graduating!

As usual, I have No Idea.


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