Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You go that way and I’ll go this way


3 Davillians climbed out of their fart sacks on a warmer but rainy Monday morning for another addition of the Tomato.

This is how it when down:


YHC headed in an nontraditional way to the front of the schools, down into Honey Meadow, hit the access road to Kings Charter, headed to the front of Kings Charter, across Atlee Station down the sidewalk into Chickahominy Oak and through Summer Duck subdivisions. Back across Atlee Station to front of schools for 4 miles. Completed some parking lot sprints to get in another 1/2 mile.

Mudface and No Idea headed the traditional way down the Atlee HS service road and in/out of Honey Meadows to get in about 3 miles


YHC arrived around 5:25 to find Mudface already waiting. The two of us talked a bit about how NO Idea “said” he would be showing up early around 5:10. Mudface who originally planned not to show up that earlier did. At 5:30, No Idea still was no where to be found. YHC headed out but was advise later that No Idea finally showed up around 5:35.

Trails were closed another week for Mudface and No Idea. Hopefully we will get a non-rainy Monday soon.

YHC had to shorten his run today due to some sore knees but enjoyed getting some sprints in at the end.


Hope to see some others out soon now that the weather is warming up. Keep EHing fellas!




  1. Great job today in the rain MudFace and No Idea. Opus we missed you this morning. Hope to see you out next week to try out those new shoes.

  2. Almost came this morning since I missed the window to make it to Batteau (wheels up by 5). Figured run solo from Atlee or run solo from mcv, I picked the latter.