Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Boulder time


5 strong  posted for a Monday morning beatdown and here is how it went down.

Warm up: SSH’s, Helicopters , Windmills, IW’s Fluttler kicks, LBC’s

Boulder Circle : Grab a boulder – 3 sets -of 10 – curls, sit ups, over head press

Boulder Hill : Walk up hill with boulder over your head – at the top ten merkins – walk back down hill with the boulder at your chest – at the bottom 10 curls. Repeat 3 times

Boulder wall : Sit on wall – press boulder over your head 10 times – pass the bread side to side 5 times each side. Repeat 3 times.

Mossy –

Curb crawls : 1-5 and back down. Bear crawl – incline merkin – crawl bear back decline merkin.

Loop: each of the pax run a loop while others do the exercise – exercises = Elbow plank – V up’s , Squats, LBC’s Merkins.

Tennis Court :  Suicide – 10 donkey kicks – lunges 10 donkey kicks – Russian Solder 10 donkey kicks

Playground: 5 pull ups – 10 dips – repeat 3 times

Ring of Fire : 10 hand release merkins – 50 count 6 inches.

The Scoop: The pax was in short sleeves and loving it this morning. Hard to complain with the weather like that in Feb! Yea they say it’s gonna get cold again but YHC is ready for spring – bring it ! The boulders are getting lot’s of love lately much to the pax’s enjoyment … Great way to start the week guys – way to push early on a Monday morning..

Announcements :  Great F3  representation @ Flatline’s fathers memorial service – thanks to all who could make it out yesterday  and support our brother Flatline.

CSAUP – is around the corner – sign up and train!

TYA – big run coming up this weekend – please keep him in your thoughts and send him some positive vibes – YOU GOT THIS BROTHER – WE ARE PROUD OF YOU !

Wheelbarrow took us out.

See y’all in the gloom


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