Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



31 Warriors including 4 FNG’s commenced for a solid beatdown that went something like this:




Side Straddle Hop X 20

Arm Circles, Forward and Back X 10 each

Merkins X 10

Flutter Kicks X 15

LBC’s X 15

Burpees = 5 (Saabsky love ya)




Mosey to the Amphitheater:


-Start at bottom (ascending merkins with each step) to the top (Total 171)…Reach top, Descending jump squats (Total 171)….get to the bottom plank up….


-Mosey to the grassy area behind the amphitheater (fish bowl) for Jacob’s ladder = Run downhill, back up (1 burpee), back down hill and up (2 burpees)… All until you reach 8 total….  Touch Down Al Gore….


-Mosey to the Field (6 cones down the field)… Tell me if this might be crazy but partner Carry Suicides…

-P1 carries P2 to first cone and back (Each man performs 15 PLY’s each).

-P2 carries P1 to second cone and back (Each man performs 15 PLY’s each).

-” ” through six cones


–Mosey to Rusty CAGE….Partner up, 3 sets of 7 Pull ups each man, 3 sets of 7 Jerkins each man


–Mosey, Circle up, Ring of Fire Merkins


Back to Flag for MARY…


Swirly took us out.




YHC understood this AM that Kubota had revealed a “cone preview” via twitter last night. Spit said to “bring it”, while Wilson apparently was going to opt to Fartsack….. YHC then received an email from Splinter (Swirly copied) that we would likely have an F3 brother visiting from North Carolina… Being that this was to be YHC’s first Dogpile Q, the nerves started to slowly creep in. YHC could only imagine in his own mind that one of the F3 founders would be showing up.  Managed to get to sleep, however, YHC awoke at 4:30 a.m. instead of 5 a.m. without a chance of falling back to sleep.


The PAX was lively as usual upon arrival, then 6 a.m., BOOM time to roll….It was a blast Q’ing Dogpile today, thanks for all of the encouragement and assistance along the way. Welcome to FOUR FNG’s, credit to Hitchhiker for some major headlocking!


YHC would like to sincerely thank the PAX for your recent thoughts and prayers concerning something my family just went through. I am very grateful for the support, friendships, and many other things I get out of F3.


Thanks for letting me lead, have a great weekend boys!!


-Breaking Bread tomorrow (Sunday) = See Kubota if want to join.

-Healing Place:  See Honeydo for details

-Bon Air United Methodist Church:  3 p.m. (tomorrow, Sunday) Memorial for Flatline’s father.


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  1. Way to crush us Slurpee. Hard to start, hard in the middle, hard finish.

    Call me crazy, but I thought the one FNG was Juco as in Junior College for Fork Union.

  2. Nice Q, Slurpee! I’m beat! Good job keeping the large group moving constantly. I had great partners in Rosie and Slurpee! Hey Wilson, did you go to VMI? Ha! Great time this morning and great cheesy eggs at ET’s!

  3. Great Q Slurpee. I am smoked for sure. Thanks to Rosie for the guidance on the pull-ups. Welcome Vinny!! Have a great weekend fellas and be sure to hug your family extra close this weekend.

  4. What an awesome Q Slurpee! A great combinations of individual and partner exercises. You handled your Dogpile VQ like a pro! Well to all the new guys. Hope to see you back soon!

  5. Great Q Slurp…you handled it like a pro. Calling me out with those burpees was an excellent choice….well played sir.

    Thanks to Hutton for partnering at the rusty cage and to Fudd for the entertaining mumble-chatter during partner carries. (Continuing best wishes to your sister Fudd.)

  6. Holy smokefest! My legs are feeling all 171 of those jump squats. Inspiring to see Rosie jump for three-pointers the whole way. Thanks, Slurpee, for a great Q and earning take-down points at the start of PCs. Couldn’t believe Hardywood, Rounders, and Hitchhiker had energy for acrobatic Merkins at the end. ETs was its usual fabulous entertaining education. Thanks for being an awesome group of guys!

  7. Great work Slurpee. Way to pop that Dogpile cherry – it is a different monster for sure and it looks like you slayed it. Sorry I missed it and missed all the FNGs – welcome everyone!