Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Make it a double, no a triple!


10 Surly gentlemen made it out this morning for a little non-alcoholic refreshment.   Since some of you have given up alcohol for lent, this was the way to make it happen without having to break the lenten vows.

Parking Lot tracers — in honor of Labrat, even though  he was there this morning.

15 burpees OYO
1 minute of butt kickers
1 minute of high knees (just because I like saying it)
Smurf Jacks
Arm Circles
Helix Squat arm circles while doing chinooks
Figure 4 crunches
Dying Cockroach — ikk
Freddie Mercuries
More Dying Cockroach — still not dead yet

Hold low position of merkin for 10, then 15, then 20, then about 28 — in between plank for the same number of seconds

Situp, Jump up, Push ups 5 sets — Do 5 WW2 situps, jump up, then go down and do 5 merkins, jump up repeat until 5 sets are done.

Make it a double — PLT’s 20, then 25
Partner jumpovers — 2 count, do 20

Make it a triple check —
1)Bear crawl to light, stump merkins, american hammers
2)run to light, donkey kicks, flutter kicks

Back to flag for a little mary
Merkins, Crab Cakes, Boat Canoes

Numbers, Names, Announcements

Highlights of the morning —
Hearing PAX members groan during the holding of the downward merkin position. You’re welcome.
Labrat soldiering on despite his feeble state.
Trying to figure out which car belonged to YHC and which belonged to Wheelie.
Seeing Liono and Pitbull back out there.  Guess it was warm enough this morning.  Welcome back!
Leading Parking Lot Tracers for the First time.
Dying cockroach sucks for me, that is why YHC chose to do them twice this morning.

See you in the gloom,




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  1. Opus, great Q!

    That was the longest CoP: 13 exercises. You’re Crazy!

    Hope to see you and the Sons Friday night!


  2. Great Q Opus! I was ready to call it a day after the dying cockroach but then you call merkin hold, wow!

    I would also say that was a sccessfully Q since I witness Pit Bull splashing Merlot! Glad to have him and Liono back!

  3. You know it’s an Opus Q when you hope for a 20-count after the COP. (It never came.) Way to bring the challenge, Opus, and way to rise to it, PAX!