Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

364 days of MANN and counting


8 Regulars show up to celebrate DaVille’s version of a KB AO for the last year.  Two Shovel Flags were planted and the PAX got to work.

This how it when down

Mudface took the Q

Mosey to the Quad in-front school W/O KB’s

  • SSH
  • Arm Circles (forward)
  • Merkins
  • LBC’s (1 to be exact)
  • Arm Circles (backwards)

Mosey back to the parking to pick up KB then head to the grassy area

Ring Around the Rosie – PAX sits in a circle. KB’s are past around one direction until the Q called switch then went in the opposite direction

Tempo Series – Q demonstrate the tempo for the following set of exercises: Goblet Squats, Right Arm Row, Right Arm Row (KB front facing), Clean, Press. Tempo count 4. Rinse and Repeat with left arm then continue till Q called time

Spit took the Q

Mosey to the field in-front of MANN Drive

Bridge of Kettlebells – Instend of using people like in the bridge of hate, PAX passed three KB’s (40lbs, 35lbs, and 30lbs) down the line. Once the first person in line passes all three KB’s, they run to the end of the line to start again. Rinse and repeat till the PAX reached the School’s sign then head back.

Bear & Bells – Get on all fours (like you are doing a bear crawl) with the KB on the grass between your knees or feet. Reach between your legs and pull the KB across the grass passed your head. Now, bear crawl forward until the Block is between your feet again, and keep repeating across the length of the field. After every five reps, complete 5 KB Burpees

Mosey to SF

5 MOM with each PAX member choosing an exercises to complete. Exercises were as follows: Goblet Squats, Single Arm KB Swings, Halos, Tempo Merkins, Merkin Rows, LBC’s, Snatches, and Good Mornings.

Numerama, Namerama, Announcements, Opus took us out.


YHC can’t believe just this time last year Daville was adding it’s 4th AO and 2nd KB workout in F3RVA. There have been a lot of great memories over the last year. YHC would ask that everyone who comments on this BB to leave theirs.

Highlights from today:

  • Both Mudface and YHC were excited to Q this anniversary they decided to show up early (not quite Swirly early but 12 to 15 minutes I would say pretty early for two guys that leave 2 minutes away)
  • YHC thought Carpenter was only using a 20lb KB and ask if him would like a 25lb one. He was quickly corrected with the “stare of the pastor”.
  • No Idea and YHC continue their heckling of Mudface during the COP. Especially after he called for “10 big and 5 small” on the arms circles but did the opposite.
  •  The PAX doesn’t know how to make a circle
  • Helix keeps showing us how it’s done in regards to form. The Tempo Series was just another great example of this.
  • YHC needed to explain the Bridge of Kettlebells better. The PAX didn’t know to get up and run at the end
  • The Carpenter is still a best with bear crawls even when you add a KB in the mix
  • Glad to have Pick 2 back after his trip to GA last week
  • Breaking Bread is open for March





  1. Great job today fellas!

    Two of my favor moments from the last year was first Qing right after North Carolina won the national championship and the time we were swing Kettle Bells during a lightening storm.

  2. Great AO Anniversary Q, Mudface and Spit! The Bear & Bells rocked; I’m pretty sure someone kept moving the school sign further away, though, which became quite frustrating.