Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Beware the Wounded Animal


8 pax in the parking lot this morning at go-time with 1 ghost car….Circle K was already out presumably running.  The rest of us got going with the parking lot tracers and we picked up Mr. Rogers along the way (KOTTERS!!!!)

Parking Lot Tracers


  • SSH
  • Helicopters
  • DQ
  • Arm Circles


  • Track work the hard way AND Touch a Circle K-  Pax makes their way around the track at whatever speed they like, stopping at the top of every 5 minutes for 20 merkins, 20 squats.  Bonus stations at pullup bars and bleachers for those feeling inclined.  Repeato X5.  ALSO, if anybody spots Circle K:  announce to pax and all pax run up and “touch a Circle K”.  Thanks to Pick2 for being the timer.
  • Touch a bus:  Partner up, first partner runs and touches 2 buses while second partner does 20 squats then holds People’s Chair, then swaparoo.  Next round is 4 buses and 20 merkins, hold plank.  Final round is 20 squats/people’s chair.  Everybody touches every bus!
  • Indian run to flag, Mary of LBC’s


So, as Spit pointed out this morning, it has been about 3 weeks or so since a Lab Rat Q.  I have been battling thru some back stuff and I am still trying to figure out what I can get away with doing.  Looking at the Q sheet yesterday and there was a big open hole at DaVille, but highlighted with Spit’s name around it….SNAG!  Track work the hard way was the perfect call, since it would allow everybody to pace themselves, and me a chance to figure out what wasnt going to rip a hole thru my back….which worked out (mostly) pain free.

I figured Circle K would be around eventually so he could get that data point, so I figured we may as well have fun with it.  “Touch a Circle K” happened pretty quickly, as he came up on the track just as we started going.  It was a grand time as THE Circle K was trying to figure out why everybody kept touching him.  Good stuff.  Comment of the day was courtesy of Emoji, when I explained what we were doing with “touch a Circle K” and he responded with “what’s a Circle K?”  Thanks for being blonde, Emoji!

Lots of merkins and squats, because Lab Rat’s back allowed them.  NO burpees, bear crawls, or American Hammers, ’cause no.

Awesome to have our numbers back in the double digits this morning, even if we had several combinations of LIFO today….but I am in a good mood, so we will let them all slide.  Solid work by all, and thanks to Mr. Rogers for taking us out like a BOSS.

Apology of the week goes out to Circle K for getting touched, but we do appreciate you being a prop in our reindeer games.


Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Great Q, LaBrat! It was good to return to Daville after a long, long absence. It is good to do something I hate (running) with a bunch of guys that distract me from it.

  2. Nice work men. Touch a Circle K…hilarious. That could become a thing – Touch a Random PAX Member, but watch out, some might not appreciate and might “touch” back…

    Baby that back LabRat! (not to be confused with Baby GOT back…)

  3. Leaving early for some extra credit on some familiar but dark roads, it was a welcome site to see the boys, until I realized that the entire PAX was racing towards me for a reason unknown. Thanks for letting me join the reindeer games.

  4. Great Q this morning Lab Rat. Thanks for having me run two days in a row. Getting in those miles any way I can.

    Awesome to see Wheelie and Mr Rogers back out. It’s been to long fellas.

    Thanks Emoji for bring blonde moment again this morning.

    Hope to see everything back out tomorrow morning for the MANNDate anniversary!

  5. Welcome back Q of the week, glad to see you found some things that don’t aggravate the back. Touch a Circle K, much funnier than touch a tree. It’s a good thing he didn’t know what was going on or he may have made it harder.

  6. He was tired, and the pax at DaVille this morning was fast. Add the surprise attack aspect and Circle K had no chance.

  7. Great workout this morning, Lab Rat. It’s been a while since I’ve been on the track. Everyone was pushing – and breathing – hard.