Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Start By Going Uphill


3 regular SOJ men posted this morning at River Run, in hopes that it would not rain that bad and it was 63. WHY NOT!! YHC showed up with Gumbo already present but one school bus running and a box truck for clothes running too. Gumbo and YHC hopped out of our SUV and stated “Weird.” DK came in hot with 30 seconds to spare.

0530…time to mosey with DK arranging gear and quickly caught up. Mumblechatter started early and 5 miles was our goal. Across Robious Road, up Twin Team to Ellesmere. R on Ellesmere to Brigstock. L on Brigstock than R on Mt. Hill back to Brigstock. L on Brigstock to Twin Team and down the hill for loop around James River HS. Back to Betty Weaver with bus loop run and done 0615.

Number-ama, Name-r-ama. Announcements. Lots of prayers need this week for PAX members–Fudd, Lockjaw, Circle K and anyone else YHC may have missed. For everyone else, prayers for health and the ability to be present!

NMS-Basically, RVA appears to get smaller for all of us YHC believes. Our F3 relationships DO mean something and it is great when we see each other outside of F3! Gumbo and DK-great to run with you men this morning and way to push for approx. 5 miles. And goggle odometer-WAY OFF!!

Only those who post understand!!

Loud and Proud!



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  1. Yes, great time gents. Enjoyed the chatter and the route. There are some off-shoots that could easily bump this distance up if needed. For today, this was perfect. And, man, starting right up Twin Team never disappoints and always gets the heart pumping fast. Great job guys.

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