Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Flu Zone


Four regulars posted for Saturday’s GridIron workout.  Johnsonville had the Q, but also had the flu, so he gave up the former because of the latter.  We went at it like so, starting with SSHs, Johnsonville Hillbillies, DQs, Russian Soldiers, LBCs, and Arm Circles.

We remained in the parking lot for a short field Beast.  Starting at one curb, we hit each of three parking lot center lines for exercises on the way across the parking lot and back, completing three reps of each exercise at each stripe but continuing for 12 rounds.  The exercises were Pickle Pounders, Mountain Climbers, Slow Squats, Carolina Dry Docks, Flutter Kicks, and Burpees.  We reversed the order for rounds 7 through 12.

We moved off of the parking lot to a set of bleachers facing a downhill into the woods – a great set up for Dip ladder.  Started with 21 Dips and ran down the hill and backpedaled back up for 20 Dips – and so on until 1 Dip completed.

YHC set a couple of kettlebells on the sidewalk prior to the workout and we completed a quick ring of fire passing the weights around our circle before finishing with a little stretching.  COP and Attila took us out.

Nice work guys.  Even a short field Beast can eat a workout.


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