Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Roscoe Takes Over


5 rallied to the parking lot at Timberwolf looking for a Q, there was none on the sheet so a semi-hot potato ensued.


YHC took the lead and led a mosey behind the school to avoid getting run over by the garbage truck and loop back to the bus loop for a warm up of SSH, Helicopters, IW, Merkins, LBC.

Lightpole Loop – 10 merkins at the first light pole, 10 squats at the second continue to alternate all the way around the bus loop.

Pass the Q off to Roscoe and head to the track.  His warm up while he was considering what the real punishment would be was to start with 4 corners – Corner 1 10 merkins, Corner 2 10 merkins+20 jump squats, Corner 3 – 10 merkins+20 JS+30 Mtn Climbers, Corner 4 – 10+20+30+40 LBC – Active rest with some Indian Arm wrestling (YHC won his first match so there was a little excitement there, only to lose the next 2).  Winner 20 LBC, loser 5 burpees

Next up sprint 100 yards, walk back 50 yards, bear crawl the next 50 yards – Repeato x 3

Find a bench 20 dips, pick up a bench and do OH Presses with a partner.  Add some OH lifts with all 5 pax.  Speed bag punching using another’s hands as the bag.  Black snake indigenous people run around the track.  Mosey back to the flag for APD and fire hydrants.


Happy to have Shakedown and Sugar Sock visit TW for the morning.  YHC thinks they were hoping for a Wilson or even a New Market sighting but those are getting rare these days.

Roscoe was all to happy to take over the Q and show us how to do things. The 4 corners was no mere warm up but he had a plan.  The sprints with bear crawl returns were brutal, although I think we have found another challenger to the next bear crawl event.  Sugar Sock took off bear crawling and left the rest of the PAX in the dust.  YHC may have a new late addition to my fight team, hearing Roscoe punch Gumbo’s hands at a speed few could keep up with made me think he’s done this before, maybe with faces instead of hands.  Thanks to Roscoe for bringing us some new ideas with the Indian Arm wrestling, bench lifts and punching bags.

Prayers for Roscoe as he works his way through the sale of his NC house, purchase of an RVA house and move to RVA over the next few weeks.

Have a great day and make the most of the opportunities that we are given.



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  1. Good clean fun – I enjoyed the wrestling and punching but am I the only one who thinks that could get out of hand? I’m willing, I’m just sayin.

    Roscoe – you are in my thoughts. I hope for a speedy and successful closing (s) and move.

  2. Right on gents. This morning was fun AND painful, especially the sprint/bearcrawl medley. I like the “active rest” exercises Roscoe brings out, but man I suck at Indian Arm Wrestling against Roscoe. The Black Snack Indian Run was a fun twist, especially with Olympic Slalom season upon us.

    And, darn, Roscoe and Shakedown went all speedbag supreme on the punching drill. Impressive.

    Good work guys. I enjoyed it…

  3. Roscoe, way to bring the pain. I enjoyed the new things, and your humor while dishing it out. Hope your closing goes off without a hitch!
    Rosie, you and Gumbo were also on our “hope to see/usual SOJ’ers list” heading out to the wilderness and we were not disappointed! When we first turned into the lot, it seemed too quiet, but then we spotted some familiar vehicles knew it was “on.”