Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Prime R&R


14 RVA regulars and one RVA native but out of towner hit the WDog gloom for a Rosie led beatdown.  The weather was a brisk sunny and 70 so everyone was out of their vehicles early to greet the morning and Obama visiting from SC.


Mosey to the first traffic circle for a warmup of:  Hillbilles, 2 burpees, Cotton Pickers, 3 burpees, Moroccan Night Club, 5 burpees, Peter Parker, 7 burpees.

Mosey to the other circle for the Golden Triangle – 11 burpees, bearcrawl to Rugby Road, 13 merkins, run downhill to the intersection, 17 Monkey Humpers, run backward to the circle, 19 box cutters.

Caterpillar – line up in plank head to toe, pax on the end jumps over 1 pax’s legs then beside the same pax, over the next one and repeat to the front of the line.

Rusty Cage – 3 sets of 7 pullups, 7 Lt. Dans, 7 Freddie Mercuries

Ampitheater – Up with 3 Incline Merkins per step, down with 1-leg squats alternating legs 1/1, 2/2 up to 9/9.  Hallelujah up to the circle

R&R – Rapid and Random – Variation of exercises including SSH, Dollies, Merkins and lots of others.  Rapid fire with no rest between.  Mosey back to the flag.


Obama put out notice of his presence in Richmond and was persuaded to hit WDog this morning to experience the nice and easy feel of a Rosie Q.  Good to see him again, rumor is he may try Timberwolf tomorrow and/or be back for some more RVA beatdowns in the near future.  Extra points to Wheelbarrow who YHC believes was the first to realize we were working our way through the prime numbers in the COP and Golden Triangle.  The Caterpillar was a mini debacle and can be attributed solely to YHC’s  perfectly unclear description.  Honeydo has done this one a couple times and apparently is much better at explaining the instructions because there were no hiccups those mornings.   The grunt corner was in full effect at the Rusty Cage with Swirly even calling himself out with some coherent mumblechatter beyond the normal grunting.

R&R was not part of YHC’s plan and the name was developed post workout but it was a crowd pleaser for sure.  Jumping from one exercise to the next with no rhyme or reason for the sequence besides what popped into YHC’s ever expanding catalog of exercises.  YHC will buy an Ellwood breakfast for anyone that can name all the exercises, the order and the count from the R&R.

It was a pleasure to lead such a fine group of RVA (and SC) men.


CSAUP – find your team

Healing Place 10k Training – Need some men to help on some mornings after Dogpile.  See the preblast and Honeydo’s sign up sheet.


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  1. Well done Rosie. The various one-leg exercises and the R&R took a toll this morning for sure, but as was said after COT, I think you hit all the major muscle groups a few times each. Thanks for spreading the pain around.

    Great to see and catch up with Obama. Look forward to seeing him in RVA more often – and maybe at Timberwolf tomorrow. Q slot is still open, so perhaps a good old fashioned Hot Potato is in order?

  2. Great Q, Rosie! Thanks for covering all areas of the body.

    Apologies to Keymaster for jumping on his right lower back during the Caterpillar. Flipper, be ready for a call from him. Also, apologies for the “I’m wearing cleats” comment in the middle of the Caterpillar!

    Rosie, I can not name all the exercises we did at the end, but I do know that we did not do one-arm merkins. Maybe next time.

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great to have you on a WDOG Q Rosie – well done – we worked it all this morning baby !
    Way to work fella’s
    See y’all in the gloom…

  4. Way to roll Rosie. The the siren song of the fartsack was strong this morning and glad I made it out. Great to see Obama. I’ll start looking for houses in RVA on the south side! #southsideordie

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