Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Spies Like Us


One canine with her thirteen bipeds launched promptly at 530 for a jaunt over the river and through the woods.

All runners departed using the secret Batcave exit, crossing the shopping center and over the bridge.  Continue up Huguenot Road to the appropriate right turns:

4s – Old Spring to Southhampton to Riverside

5s – Cherokee to Hickory to Riverside

6s – Chippenham to Hickory to Riverside

Back across the bridge and enter the Batcave to return to the VSF.

Bleeder took us out.

Great numbers today. With more growth, we are going to need to leverage an ancillary parking lot.  After a very brief (and question free) overview of the route, we were off.

It was great running with BT and EF complete with a strong finish.  Once again, Kenya makes herself known as you hear the dog tag jingle informing you that you are about to be overtaken.  Saab, Sippy, and Dutch were lightning on the return Batcave.  It was good to see Taxi Cab come out for a second week in a row.  Way to keep it up!  Likewise, its good to see Bleeder, the one armed bandit, back with the Pax.  There was some resemblance to Chevy Chase in Spies Like Us with the jacket….


  •  6 milers who felt cheated with a 5.85 mile route will receive compensation on Friday’s run.
  • CSAUP approaches! – Join a team or start your own.

Time to Taper,



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  1. Classic scene Lockjaw….

    Nice to get practice running along Huguenot prior to the CSAUP. Liked Sippy’s suggestion to try it in reverse someday.

    For the record, while I sensed 6-milers may have been shorted a bit, I stuck to the route….”Always follow the Q” is what I always say….yessir.

  2. Further, it would be humorous to see Bleeder wearing an eye patch. In a pinch he can borrow one of Splinter’s pasties…

  3. Driving into work today, I think I saw the Scream. Anyone close to him to EH him back into action?

  4. Thanks for the route LJ. Always interesting running through the woods, never know what kind of terrain we may find. Grateful that you went out early and built a little bridge with blocks over the most treacherous portion.