Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Let’s Keep Goin’


Eight or so (miss anyone?) stallions and one filly took on the light chill for the latest version of Sunday Funday.

No one signed up for the Q, so off the group went…before realizing that there was no route set…”Let’s do North Bank, then New Bridge, then South Bank.”  Route set.

About halfway through the North Bank trail, there was a movement to keep going past the New Bridge.  YHC arm twisted folks into doing the pipeline (or at least heading that way).  That turned into going all the way to 14th Street (Bootleg thought better of following .  Before long, we were halfway to Williamsburg (or, at least on the floodwall).  From the floodwall, the route returned to equilibrium…back to the VSF.

TYA launched ahead of the PAX for a Patriots-themed, FOLI (First out, last in) run…red bandana, red Patriots gloves, etc.  Way to nail 20 miles, my friend.


The PAX started out quite talkative as has become the norm on Sunday mornings…good chatter all around.

Nice to see Sally continues to dominate her Sunday runs.  Talk about enthusiasm.  While the rest of the PAX is shaking off Saturday night, she’s ready for anything.  YHC worries about what might happen the first Sunday Offshore decides to fart-sack it.  Sally will likely be at the door ready to go, leash in hand.

Hardywood led the fast group through much of the run today.  YHC was far enough back to miss most of the chatter, but is sure, really sure, he heard Hardywood enthusiastically fawning over the models in the Pottery Barn catalog.  YHC swears (well, almost) to have heard something like…”Have you seen the desk lamps on that chest of drawers?”  Truth.

YHC thanks Shakedown for joining him for most of the run.  Good to catch up, brother.  Thanks for the company.  Been too long.

UpChuck spits the bit.


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  1. My favorite Hardywood-isms for the day…

    Hardywood on Flatline’s preference to register for races on “impulse”…”Impulse is for Hookers and Haircuts.”

    Hardywood on preventing ‘outsiders’ from moving to RVA (our fair city)….”Tell them we have a great dating scene – if they have a large family…”

  2. Saab…thanks for jarring the memory. Yes, “…hookers and haircuts.” Laughing as I type!! Great run men and perfect to get my Sunday going. Mumble chatter on the trails and seeing RVA a sunrise! Awesome….