Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Self Destruction


21 F3RVA regulars and 2 FNGs showed up at Dogpile for BDay beatdown that went something like this:

Mosey to grass circle for COP.  Exercises included Invisible Jumprope, merkins, LBCs, Hillbillies and DQs all IC.

YHC announced  the Q was being taken over by K2, Kswiss and 7-11.

K2 Q – Mosey to the Rusty Cage for 11s.  Complete 10 pullups and run to the fire hydrant for 1 squat. (even though K2 had no idea where the fire hydrant was located).  Back to the cage for 9 pullups with a return to the hydrant for 2 squats.  Repeato until 1 pullup and 10 squats.

KSwiss Q (VQ) – Dora 1,2,3.  Partner with a PAX member and complete the following – 147 v-ups (what the heck is a v-up), 247 in and outs (Gas Pump), and 347 LBCs.  While one partner is completing the exercises, other partner lunges across the short side of the field.  Switch upon returning and repeato until team has finished the number of exercises.

7-11 Q (VQ) – Mosey to the amphitheater for Self Destruction.  Starting on the first step complete the following, 1 SSH, 1 Merkin, 1 v-up (what the heck is a v-up).  Increase number of exercises by 1 as you ascend the steps of the amphitheater.

Mosey back to the flag.  Numberama, Namearama, YHC and 7-11 took us out with some thoughts on leadership.

Announcements – HoneyDo and Upchuck are coordinating helping a group of runners training for the Monument Ave 10 K.  See Preblast for info or see one of them.

NMS : A couple of weeks ago, YHCs daughters asked what YHC was going to do on his BDAY.  YHC responded with starting the day with a Dogpile beatdown.  They knew what that meant and asked who is the Q?  YHC said “Me” and K2 said she wanted to Q and her sisters said they wanted to join in on the fun.  BOOM.  KSwiss mentioned somewhere during the conversation that she did not know the names of the exercises and YHC responded with “If you lead this group of guys, they will follow”  Hence the theme of this morning’s Q.  YHC learns something from his 2.0s everyday and I knew with a little help they could teach the F3RVA PAX what it means to step out of your comfort zone and Lead.  A huge part of the mission of F3 is Leadership.  Leadership sometimes just means sometimes we have to step up to the plate.  A lack of leadership translates into a lack of initiative which equals laziness.  Laziness is best friends with the Sad Clown and YHC does not tolerate laziness.  The F3RVA pax does not tolerate laziness because we are Leaders in our communities.  F3RVA participates in monthly challenges throughout the year and today YHC is challenging each member of F3RVA (YHC included) to find an opportunity to lead someone in your family, church, workplace, etc. through the actions we display.

A couple of observations from this mornings beatdown:

Before the workout F3RVA had no idea how to perform a v-up.  Now we do and YHC hopes we never have to perform another one. (Although YHC does not think he ever completed one correctly)

It felt like Toga was in town as 7-11 did not approve of YHCs form during the Squats as she bluntly crtiqued YHC during the 11s.

Before the beatdown, 7-11 informed YHC that the three amigos were going to kill the Pax’s abs.  Mission accomplished.

Herbie tells jokes much better than TYA.

YHC is changing his choices for his Podcast fight team to 7-11, KSwiss and K2.  Reason=If anybody were to hit any of them the abs, they would break their hand and run home to their mommies.

Biggest Observation – There is no other was YHC would want to start a BDAY, than with the F3RVA brothers and 2.0s.  Thanks for allowing YHC to stray from the normal routine this morning.

Welcome to Floater and 7-11.

Circle K



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  1. Thanks to all for the BDAY wishes and the opportunity to be part of the Leadership this morning.

  2. Awesome beatdown from the Thurman crew this morning! Way to show these old men how to work this abs.

    Great BB Circle K! I too made an observation this morning. You continue to show me how a father should be. I hope one day my kids will want to step up and leader like this. Iron sharpens iron no made your age or gender. Awesome job sharpening your own 2.0’s!

    Great to see everyone this morning!

  3. Holy frijoles. That was one for the ages. The girls brought it today.

    Nice work.

    Happy birthday, Circle K.

  4. Tell those girls that we did so much Ab work it literally hurts to laugh. V Ups are no joke, even if you can’t do 1 properly.
    Happy Birthday Circle K!

  5. Not sure what you would call the version of V-ups i was doing, but I’m definitely feeling it. Well done, Thurman crew! Way to get out there and lead. Welcome 7-11 and Floater, who btw did a complete 18 degree Dogpile workout with no gloves on his first day. Solid!

  6. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great beatdown – very proud of all the girls ! Happy birthday circle k – who could ask for a better birthday morning
    The prayer from a 16 year old @ the end – boom !
    This workout I will always remember
    Circle k you are blessed – fellas this morning we were blessed and we had are stomachs ripped out !

  7. Awesome Birthday Q, Circle K and 2.0’s!! You really have your girls headed on the right track to being good leaders! Really enjoyed ET’s and the conversations with you and your girls, as well! Offshore, great partner work on the Dora! Good job, guys and gals!

  8. Happy Birthday Circle K! Great Q girls! I’m already sore up into my neck!

    Welcome to F3 7-11 and Floater

  9. Happy birthday, Circle K. Agree with Spit – you are clearly doing something right in the fatherhood department!