Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Evolution of The Burpee…Part I and Part II


11 strong veterans broke the hold this morning and posted on a brisk but pleasant morning to start the backside of their workweek with warm bowl of GUMBO, it tasted something like this:

Long mosey around the perimeter of the AO to the field in the northwest corner for COP, including:

  • SSHs
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Arm Circles
  • Hillbillies
  • Merkins
  • LBCs
  • Flutterkicks


Curb Crawls – mosey to the curb and you know the drill – bear crawl across 1 incline merkin, crawl bear back 2 decline merkins…repeato up to 5 and back down to 1.

Evolution of the Burpee Part I – mosey past the front of the school to the dip bar area and form up for instruction on the Evolution of the Burpee Part I — basically four corners with the following burpee building block exercises leading up to the full Burpee — 10 merkins in corner 1, run to corner 2, 10 2-count mountain climbers, run to corner 3, 10 jump squats (Bobby Hurley style), run to corner 4, 10 Burpees, run back to corner 1 and plank up for the Six.

Plank-o-rama for the Six and then with everyone

2 MOM, including Hello Dollies, Alternating Shoulder Taps and Pickle Pounders

Evolution of the Burpee Part II — same as Part I just 20 of each exercise.

Triple Check – on the blacktop and including: wall sit, Freddie Mercuries, and a Sprint to the fence and backpedal back across the blacktop.  3x

Indigenous People Run around the perimeter back to the Flag

Ring of Fire – in Al Gore,  drop for 10 merkins and pop back up to Al Gore then pass to the left.

2 MOM, including American Hammers, Homer to Marge and Rosalitas

COT, Number-rama, Name-a-rama and YHC took us out giving thanks for this group and the ability to get out in the gloom and have some fun while we motivate and push each other and asking for the Sky Q to watch over our brothers who can’t be in the gloom for whatever reason (injury, illness, other) and to bring them back into the gloom ASAP.


  • Still recruiting for the Century Classic CSAUP, find your team or sign up as a free agent on the roster sheet and you’ll find one.  Rosters. PreBlast  http://f3rva.org/2018/01/19/f3rva-century-classic/
  • HoneyDo and others are looking for volunteers to help train some folks for the 10K – commitment is Saturdays after Dogpile.  Reach out to HoneyDo and join the effort if you can.
  • Is there a lunch spot today???


Great work today guys.  Who knew 35 degrees could feel so pleasant.  It was a great morning and pretty simple exercises but great effort by the PAX.  What to roll through the Evolution of the Burpee and the Triple Check.  Thanks for letting me lead – always a pleasure – and great to get across the river and see some different faces.

Not a ton of mumblechatter (at least that the Q heard) other thank busting Keymaster’s chops for his off the books run.

Pretty sure I caught a few instances of upright APDs in the attached video (a classic) and even some quasi-Hillbillies (not Jville quality of course).  And, some Offshore Hammer Time.  Enjoy.

No more Gumbo for you!


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  1. Great to see you as always Gumbo. Enjoyed the Burpee evolution, although was quite relieved you didn’t advance to part III.

    TYA (aka Cherry-Tomatoes): Your double-count Hillbillies are always a crowd pleaser.

    Hey Kubota, so what this “day of rest” sh%! ….did you get that cleared by Corporate, or are you joining Keymaster in a clandestine Friday run?

    Saab out

  2. Ha! No, not running with Keymaster, but I would have acknowledged ‘Kubota’ if passerby runners shouted it. See you at Dogpile, Saab!?

  3. Great Q, Gumbo. Always good to see SOJ represent.
    And Saab, way to push man, there was no catching you on that first burpee circuit (…or the second I reckon, but by then I had red-lined and fell back…)