Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Don’t pet that dog!


Fifteen strong runners (no takers on Gears this morning) set out on our third attempt at The Serpentine route.  Weather was RVA winter.

The Serpentine:  Down Grove, Left on Hamilton, left on Hanover.  Hanover to the end, do a 180 to Stuart.  Stuart to Hamilton, do a 180 to Kensington.  Kensington to end, do a 180 (thru the gate) to Leonard.  5 milers hang a right on Woodlawn to school.  6 milers go to Hamilton, 180 to Patterson, return to school on Commonwealth.

NMS:  Several attempts have been made to nail this route, and we are still not quite there.  Looks like round 4 is in order….at least nobody bitches when Lab Rat pulls the map out.  Upchuck asked me if I had laminated copies….great idea.  I personally love this route, btw.  Running thru the neighborhoods appeals to me. Seems as though the 6 mile guys took the gravel griding route part way, ending up on a couple allies.  I wonder if I should have left them out of the backblast?  Sorry, Lockjaw, that was a cheap shot.

At least two packs of runners came across the resident raccoon that lives in the sewer grate on Hamilton and Kensington….which barks!  No shit.  At first sight, I thought it was a big cat until it looked up.  Upchuck was taking the turn tight and didnt see it, and it started barking like a Chihuahua at him.  Crazy.  The six miler guys had a similar experience.

Also noteworthy:  Offshore wore an orange plastic bag with arm holes cut into it for some reason today.

Apology of the Week goes out to Rocky (Raccoon).  First off, for naming him after a song…but that’s just a slam dunk.  Secondly for ruining his morning walk with our antics.  Cant a fat raccoon just be left alone for 10 minutes?


Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. I thought we had it this time but the alley got us. 6 milers should have listened to Marv.

    Lab Rat – the difference between this week and last is there was an attempt to follow instructions by all. No blatant avoidance of prescribed instructions.

  2. Wedding Singer on

    No lie, I heard that bark turning on Kensington and kept on running, but then thought what if I’m the jerk that left a dog stuck in the sewer. Drove back by after the workout, couldn’t locate anything. Glad I didn’t adopt a dog today.

  3. Really enjoyed this run fellas, mostly because keeping up with Offshore made me feel like I accomplished something. He was pushing a blistering pace about 1 mile in, and I could see we were gaining on the 6 milers, and I commented that I didn’t think I could maintain that pace. Offshore replied that he thought I was pushing him….proof of the benefit of running with others. #ironsharpensiron

    I agree with Upchuck that laminated copies of the map would be helpful. Perhaps you could take a page out of Goose’s book and attach a lanyard so we could wear them around our neck?

  4. Labrat, the key difference between this week and last is the difference between getting lost and being a renegade. Getting lost still gets Pax credit of course.

    A Classic route is universally acknowledged by the Pax after one running. A good route is known after two attempts. Three or more attempts and its a cry for help. You may want to employ maps, glow stick route markers, and course officials for the 4th attempt.

    All in good fun mi amigo….

  5. Employing glow sticks is a good way to ensure your Q gets taken over by MARV.

    A cry for help definitely sounds like me, though!

    Peace and chicken grease…

  6. For sure, great run Fudd. We almost need a 5.5ers group. Agreed – lanyards would do the trick.