Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Best $1 I Ever Spent


13 warriors rose to greet the dawn of a new day.  As expected, the temperature was 70 and sunny.  According to legend, it went a little something like this.

COP All IC: Hand Release Merkins (HRM) Flying Squirrel style.  When the hands are released, they go all the way out to the side.  IC X 10, right leg up IC X 8, left leg up IC

Flutter Kicks X 10

Mark Spitz (flutter kicks with arms extended) X 20

WWII Situps X 15

SSH X 10, SSH Right Leg Up X 10, SSH Left Leg Up X 10

Super Triple Check: Round 1 – One man runs loop in the parking lot, one man is in plank, the other is doing burpees.  Complete 75 burpees as a team. Round 2 – run, six inches, 100 team WWII SU.

BAR Crawl:  Partner UP.  One partner completes a loop around the church.  Other partner bear crawls the switcheroo.  Next round crawl bear.  Do this until one loop has been completed.

Merkinsville: Round 1 – 10 decline merkins, 10 dips, 10 incline merkins. Round 2 – Same as round one but with left leg up.  Round 3 – same as round 1 but with right leg up.

Numberama, namerama, YHC had the privilege of taking us out.

Moleskin: Way to bring it Mechanicsville.  These men have created something really special in DaVille.  Everytime I make the extended journey, I’m greatly rewarded.  Thanks for the effort and energy!  I left The Creek fully charged.

NMS: The title of the BB came from an interaction YHC had a few weeks ago.  After making a $1 donation into the bucket of a man standing on Forest Hill raising money for homeless veterans, he says to me “God bless you and let yourself be blessed.”  Growing up in Texas and having allergies, I have heard “God bless you” more times than I could count.  What struck me in that moment was “let yourself be blessed”.

I’m the luckiest guy on the planet and it’s a damn shame I don’t act like it every waking moment.  I think there are many reasons we don’t let ourselves be blessed and we get off the tracks a bit.  We may not think we are deserving or maybe it’s shame that’s holding us back. Whatever it is, letting yourself be blessed is a conscious choice you have to make. Maybe the bravest thing you could do today isn’t to hold your guard up, but to let it go.


  • Rosie has the Q for Breaking Bread.
  • See Honeydo for info on running with the exceptional men of The Healing Place during their 10K training program on Saturdays.
  • Get on a team for the CSAUP on 4/13 – 4/14.
  • Wild Thing is leading a men’s bible study beginning next Thursday at 6:30am at Rise and Shine.  The theme is love and surrender.

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  1. Mechanicsville brought the funk today! Great job men. Go out there and crush it today fellas, get some rest tonight and get out to Dogpile tomorrow!!

  2. Sorry I had to miss this morning Hardywood. Been traveling all week for work and I had a last minute schedule change today. Looks like a solid beatdown. Looking forward to getting back in the swing of things next week.

  3. Hardywood, you rock! We were challenged from the COP to the COT. No better way to start the day.