Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Plan B


Eight moist, yes I said it, spider runners gathered under the drive through in preparation for a run in the rain.  We waited, and waited and waited until 5:29 when YHC threw out Plan B.

Route was over the river.  Take the normal route out the south UR entrance, across the shopping center, across the bridge and downriver to various turn around points.  Loop around the half cloverleaf for 4 milers (no takers today).  Turn around at rock falls for 5 milers.   6 milers pulled an audible and turned right just past rattlesnake creek and meander our way up to Cherokee.  Everyone turned around and made it safely back to the start.

YHCs streak of impeccable instructions continues.  Today’s route was familiar.  Instructions included go across the bridge and go downriver.  Turn around where you see fit and come back.  Singer looked slightly confused but was working it out in his head and confirmed with:  “if you are coming across the bridge you go left, correct?”.  Correct.  Someone else retorted with “go under the bridge”.  Saab attempted to clarify the instructions by telling everyone to go west which was incorrect.  Whichever your preference, Singer’s, the retorter’s or my original downriver instructions would have been accurate.  West, unfortunately, was inaccurate.

Great run today.  It was nice to have a headwind at the start so it would follow us home.

– CSAUP.  Everyone is excited.  Team captains starting to emerge.
– BRR.  Only hard commits accepted.  See preblast

Splinter out.



  1. Enjoyed the ride with Splinter and Sippy. We should dub that route mount-Cherokee.

    Little known fact: Saab was a little worn out from Splinter’s workout yesterday…Just thought I’d make quick mention of it.

  2. Wow, thanks for the compliment! That was the first I’d heard of someone enjoying my workout yesterday.

  3. Dear Mr. Chuck,

    Your kind words are deeply appreciated. They provide me the strength needed to Q another day.

    Forever in the gloom,


  4. Not really where I was going with that, but you are free to apply your own filter and tout Saab’s “supreme enjoyment” of said-Q.

  5. Splinter,
    Thank you for covering the Q for me this am. This cold hit me fast and I am appreciative of the backup. I am also glad the theme you went with was “Under the Bridge” vs the other track from that album, “Naked in the Rain”. Just give Saab an excuse and he may sugar sock his run….

  6. Pretty sure that counts as our first spring run of the year. I needed to shed some layers, so “Naked in the Rain” may have been pleasant. Was there a workout yesterday?