Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Mission Accomplished


Thirteen Monday morning regulars convened in the bus loop for today’s Hoedown.  Fudd secured his keys and off we went to the far end of the parking lot by the donation vessels for…

20x SSH
20x Mountain Climbers
15x Arm Circles each way
10x Don Quixotes (9 if you got a slow start)

The Thang
Partner up for 1K / 5K.  1000 exercises while you alternate with your partner running to the bottom of Lindsay and back.  Exercises were 100 jump squats, 200 derkins, 300 flutters, 400 LBCs.  Box cutters until exhaustion for those that finish first.

Stroll over to the drop of loop for curb crawls.  Bear crawl to the other side, 1 merkins, crawl bear back, 2 merkins, etc. up to 8.  Repeat 8 and then work your way back down to 1.  Various Al Gore positions while we wait.

Quick saunter to the lightpost at the far corner of the lot for escalating burpee lightpost.  6 lightposts, starting off at 1 burpee increasing by one at each lightpost all the way to 6.  Don Quixotes until you get light headed or the PAX finishes, whichever came first.

Speed walk over to the flag for 10x ring of fire and mary which included single leg APDs, hello dollys, american hammers and reverse plank for 60 seconds to finish it off.

Numbers, names, YHC took us out with a spring like prayer.

The PAX was hungry this morning for a beatdown.  Plenty of grunts and gasps during 1K/5K.  Kudos to whomever started with jump squats.  That jaunt down Lindsay was longer than expected.  Most of the round 2 fellas never jumped a squat.

Future Hoedown Qs take notice.  There is a large street sign hidden by the shadows right at the top of Lindsay on the other side of the road.  If you decide to use that as a runway, be sure to advise the PAX of said sign in advance.

Someone softly inquired what got YHC in such a foul mood this morning.  By contrast, I had a wonderful weekend and was looking to start the week off with a bang.  You know it’s a good workout when Saab discloses that he is walking home instead of running.  Mission Accomplished!

– CSAUP.  Get your teams together
– See Upchuck or Honeydo about helping those recovering from addition train for the 10k.  Immediately following Dogpile in February and March.  Run a few miles to help those recovering.

Splinter out.



  1. Nice Q, Splinter! I’m really feeling the hill back up Lindsay as I sit at my desk at work. Great work, guys! Have a great Monday!

  2. I could almost say the workout was a disappointment…in that I was hoping Splinter’s heart had grown three sizes and he was going to take it easy on us today.

    Well done Splinter, and thanks to Upchuck for plowing through the Derkins for me.

    Unrelated, let’s all be thankful we are blessed with belly buttons and the appropriate number of nips.

  3. Not sure if those of us who did the 100 Jump Squats got off easy as we missed out on our fair share of Derkins. Good Q Splinter.

  4. As Saab said, the 1k/5k announcement sounded like an easy start to the week. Lindsay had something to say about that. BTW, I loved the speed walk. I must have missed some mumblechatter re: belly buttons and nips.

  5. I can just see me walking up to someone at church… he how’s it going nipple face?? Like it!! I am glad that everyone else thought that road was too damn long as well. I am making it official I am in on this damn Century run.. all of you are a bad influence… need a team that is really looking for a hard charger to take 2 of the shortest routes they got… talk amongst yourselves and let me know… btw great Q Splinter… sorry I bumped into you at church yesterday

  6. Dang, sorry to miss this one (on the road again)! Lindsay is definitely deceiving, nice work guys!