Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

If Fudd understands and you don’t… what does that say about you?


Twelve Spiderlings gathered by the commons to witness a series of perfectly clear instructions.  The majority were able to follow (including Fudd), were you?

There was a basic 4 mile loop with two offshoots, each one adding an additional mile.  4 miler loop included navigating out the south entrance, towards the bridge, right on Westham Station, up south ridge, across to Westham, right on Baldwin, right on Wood, left on Lakewood and back to the start via a pass by the baseball field.

5 milers were <<supposed>> to add on Ross.  Half-way up S. Ridge instructions were to take a left and go to the bottom of the hill and come back up.  Only 29% of the 5 milers followed directions, the others followed Lab Rat?

Six milers first took a right on Old Bridge then right on Hillside.  Up to River and back down.  Then also do the Ross hill.

Fudd reveled in the clear directions this morning.  Hitting every turn (1) correctly.  Others need some self reflection on this realization.

Marv inexplicably consumed mexican, wine and Stella Artois last night and thought that would go well on his run this AM.  Saab forgot his banana which will likely screw up his entire day.

Great to see Sugar Sock on his first Spider Run jaunt.  Don’t be discouraged by your fellow runner’s inability to listen to instructions.  There are some good routes around UR.  Complicated but good.

– Double dip opportunity for the CSAUP for those that want to run the monument 10k.  Run your 2 legs early and be primed for the run up and down monument

Splinter out



  1. I still have no idea where I am going around U of R, as a matter of a fact, I missed the turn to the parking lot again. I was actually following Fudd until he disappeared. Luckily, we were able to fall in line with Pucker and Singer to get us back home.

    I am so lost around U of R, I dont even bother listening to directions….they do me no good.

  2. I can take some of the blame. I’m just as lost as Lab Rat around UR even though I live right across the Huguenot Bridge. We were lucky to fall in with Singer and Pucker – it could have been a long run this morning… nah, we would have just gone out and back. Made up (most of) the distance by going around the lake. Well done Fudd, well done.

    Good to have Sugar out this morning.

  3. I fell in perfectly with Lab Rat and shakedown, as I also have no idea how to get around near UR and their talking pace is my, uh, not talking pace. Looking at the route now, I can see we were circling around but I was sure (as we all were) that even at mile 3 we were still heading away from the start and we contemplated just turning around. Can’t they put roads on a friggin grid so turning onto another street means a change of direction, and not turning doesn’t?
    Anyway, thanks for the route, splinter- was a great change of pace though I missed seeing the no toll guys.
    Special thanks to labrat and shakedown for not leaving me behind (and providing color commentary throughout). I’d probably still be running otherwise.

  4. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Dear Splinter.

    I just wanted to let you know that your directions were perfectly clear this morning. In fact, I thought they were exceptional. You told us all about the basic four mile loop and the offshoots for 5 and 6 milers. You even clarified when the PAX had questions. I was one of the two 5 milers who made the proper loop today.


    P.S. I am kinda scared that I am hitching my wagon to Fudd, but alas, that is where we are

  5. I’ve not read a single word, but just based on the title …


  6. Running with the individual who plans the (quite straightforward) route never hurts.

    My banana missed me…

  7. Totally clear, but once he named the 5th Street I had never heard of, I realized I’d be following somebody, with fingers crossed.

  8. I can see where the Lab Rat, Shakedown, Sugar Sock combo could get confused. Definitely no grid around UR.

    Perhaps next time we will just head to the intramural fields.

  9. Great route today Splinter! Directions were easy to follow and flawlessly executed by the few PAX who paid attention during the briefing. Perhaps with enough days like today, the word “Fudd” will become synonymous with “one who listens and executes with precision”, as opposed to other less desirable associations.

    Tclaps to Sugarsock for his first post to Spider Run and to Splinter for the ride home. As one who rarely has the opportunity to post to Spider Run, today was a real pleasure!