Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Cat Burglar Returns


Five warriors rose to greet the dawn of a new day.  With the forecast for 70 and sunny, the air was ripe for success.  According to legend, it went a little something like this.

Mosey to duck pond for COP


Bear Pawtastic Dora – Exercises are 50 burpees, 100 merkins, 150 squats, 200 SSH. While one partner exercises the other partner bear crawls uphill to the first light post then runs back down.

B.A.R. Crawl (Burpee Animal Run ) – Native American run setup.  Pax does exercise up the Hill of Ill Repute.  The last pax does a burpee and runs to the front.  Exercises were lunges, bear crawl, revers bear crawl, lunges, bear crawl to top.

Trifecta – Exercises are Chicken peckers, merkins dips.  Round 1 X 10 of each.  Round 2 X 12 of each. Round 3 X 15 of each.

Mosey to flag for 5 minutes of Mary.  WWII IC X 30, Rosalita X 20, Alabama Prom Date X 10, Swirly Especial (6 inch leg hold for 60 seconds).

Numberama, namerama, Flashdance led us out.

Way to work this morning fellas.  Thanks for your awesome effort and the privilege of leading.

News: CSAUP details coming soon.  Go ahead and block out April 13th & 14th. You can make appointments with Flipper of Flashdance for Monday April 16th.

See Honeydo for details on being a coach for the Healing Place Monument Ave 10K training team.


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  1. CSAUP details, including draft routes, will be published by weeks end. In the meantime, start working on your 6 or 9 man teams. Actually, any size team up to and including 9 will do.

  2. Well done fellas. Great job this morning. The BAR Crawl and the crawl bear will certainly be back.

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Solid Q Hardywood !!!
    Well done guys way to push – great way to start the week…
    See y’all in the gloom..