Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

About time….


YHC Q’d W Dog. Compared to Sunday Funday, this morning was deserving of board shorts and flip flops. 4 SOP!  YHC arrived with Big Blue in place and TYA hopping in back seat for early morning board meeting.   11 regular PAX members arrived for a hump day workout and YHC hoped to not disappoint!

Mosey to bricks in front of Carillon for COP: Copperhead Squats X 15, Imperial Walkers X 15, Don Quixotes X 13, Invisible Jump Ropes X 15, LBC X 15, Flutter Kicks X 15, and Merkins X 10. Time to work.

Triple Check- Run the Lawn and back, Mountain climbers, and LBC’s. Plank till PAX finished.  Mosey to Vita Course for our next exercise of fun.

Bataan Death March (according to exicon)- PAX form two lines to run the Vita Course. Last member in line drops and 5 Burpees. Upon completion, catch up to assigned line, touch last PAX member on shoulder and run to front of the line. Last PAX member in line drops, 5 Burpees, run to the back of the line, touch next PAX member and on to the front of the line. Repeato for one lap around Vita Course. Upon one lap completion, all PAX members finished with 5 Burpees. YHC admits this did not go quite as expected. Not sure two lines helped or next time stick to one line. But everyone loves burpees!

Mosey to The Lawn- Lt Dan Taylor’s- 1 Copperhead Squat followed by 4 individual leg lunges and repeat to half way point of The Lawn with sprint to the finish. Repeat down The Lawn again. During the repeat, Swirly mentioned to YHC that Sunday’s picture may make it to the Wall of Fame. It’s super and Sunday=Epic. As for the Salamander-Whistle Blower totally got spooked on Buttermilk trail by gray plastic bag that “jumped up” from snow and accelerated her HR even higher! With 5 minutes to spare, mosey to the Rusty Cage.

For my first W Dog Q, I could not neglect the Rusty Cage. PAX did ice skate on a few ice patches on our way to The Cage. Each PAX performs 5 pullups!

Mosey back to The Flag (in theory) and YHC needs to build one ASAP!!

Number-ama, Name-r-ama. Announcements-CSAUP, April 13-14, F3 Relay Race visiting all AO’s. Potential of 18 relay points, approx 100 miles and teams of 6 or 9. NANO regions for teams! Be looking to form a team! Currently, all this info is tentative!

NMS- Mumble Chatter was lite till YHC was explaining Bataan Death March and PAX was humored till we started. Than silence…Hardywood did say good morning to 2 gents but their “Seal Team Workout” potentially did not allow them to repeat the gesture. YHC not really sure they were with “Seal Team Workout” but they could at least acknowledge good morning. Great to see Hardywood back in the PAX!

Men, it is a honor to be part of this special group! Only those who show up understand!! God Bless!!

Loud and Proud!!



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Solid Q Flatline..
    Way to work this morning fella’s – welcome back Hardywood !
    See y’all in the gloom…

  2. Yeah baby! Way to roll Flatline. It’s great to be back. Let’s fill this AO up. Strengthen your headlock, even on the reluctant. They are the ones that need it most.

  3. Bataan Death March…man, Flatline can find some winners in the Exicon. Sounds brutal – and maybe more effective on a nice clear track like the one at Timberwolf…just sayin!

  4. Death March was fun. Would really raise some eyebrows if we did that thing with Russian Soldiers.

  5. Great Q Flatline!

    Death March was an awesome choice! Lt. Dans across the field…not so awesome. My legs are already screaming at me.