Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Slow and Sloppy Wins the Race


Yeah, today was interesting.  YHC had new routes in mind ready to try them out with today’s warmer weather.  Upon arrival at the AO, all pavement was glazed with a thin layer of ice. Plans went out the door and we did a penguin run as a group.  Slow, steady, and trying to find traction wherever it may be found.  Side of road.  Down the middle.  Different theories were tested with ineffective results.

Finally, we yielded after a few miles and headed to the intramural field for a few laps.  The seals showed up with the same idea and we amicably shared the space.  Despite my prodding, Swirly exercised restraint and did not jump into their ranks and begin leading them through exercises.

Swirly took us out.

Post run conversation centered around the CSAUP.  Pax should be warned about TYA’s promising potential as a campaign manager.  This glimmer game through as he discussed harboring Pax runners from other nano regions in his basement for region residency and allegations that Marv will be impressed into service for Richmond Proper as he has not paid taxes in the county yet.  Swiper became informed of the CSAUP and quickly reaffirmed RP’s domination over the suburban sprawl.

Let the games begin….

Time to Taper,




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  1. ‘Penguin run’ was aptly named Lockjaw. While running on the roads seemed like a good idea at the time, ice and oncoming (seal team) cars turned it into a brilliant mistake.

    On the plus side we got to see Swirly (briefly) participate in a workout with the seal team…never thought I’d see the day.

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Gerrymandering? Just speaking the truth. Saab has been considering moving into my basement for some time. And I stand by the fact that a Marv has indeed not paid taxes in the city. I have physical copies of payment on his house to prove it.

      • That looks like the equivalent of Brady’s Fumble in the 2001 AFC Divisional Game. No Tuck Rule here TYA…

        Did we ever confirm whether folks like Swirly and Hardywood and Singer are SOJ or RP since both apply, or do we need to go to Big Data and look at AO attendance?

      • I have two words for you boys. ES CROW. I.E. what TheYA will eat when I show him my latest mortgage statement. Missed you guys this morning…the combination of OT for the UGA/Bama game and the ice (more the OT than the ice, as it turns out, I found out about the ice much later) had me roll over. Not proud of it at all, but I feel like it is better to admit my shortcomings than try to hide them. Pull for the Rams tonight…hope to see you guys soon.

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