Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Love Loops on Crunchy Grass


An SOJ Pax of 9 braved black ice and arrived for a NoToll beat down that went something like this:


Mosey off of blacktop ASAP

COP on bball court: SSHs, DQs, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Flutterkicks, 3 Arm Circles

Mosey down side path, gingerly cross parking lot to soccer field

Partner up for Love Loops: just like Love Hill, partner 1 runs in one direction around perimeter of soccer field, partner 2 performs slow moving exercise(s) until caught; swap, partner 2 runs in same direction as partner 1 until slow moving exercise completes a lap

Loop 1 – Bear Crawl + Forward Lunge

Loop 2 – Imperial Squat Walkers

Circle up for some quick Mary: Hello Dollies, Dead Cock Roaches, LBCs

Loop 3 – Crab Walk or Backwards Lunge + Bob & Weave

Mosey back to bball court for final COP: 10 Burpees OYO, American Hammers

COT – Gumbo took us out

Naked Moleskin

Awesome winter morning to be out and at ’em, gentlemen. Thanks for showing up.

YHC planned to introduce Love Loops on NoToll’s parking lot circuit, but Mother Nature had other plans. No bother, use a bigger loop on the soccer field instead.

Partners didn’t really work out for the Love Loops, it was more like 2 teams…which worked out better really.

The Imperial Squat Walkers took ages…it felt like the Golden Horseshoe all over again.

Shakedown seemed shocked to be this morning’s War Daddy…you played the roll well, brother.

More DK Q fun at SOT tomorrow and 45MOMM on Thursday.

YHC expects to see Honeymoon, Marmaduke and Wilson to show up for SOT tomorrow after traveling home late from Cville to watch another glorious UVA bball victory tonight.

F3 RVA CSAUP overnight April 13-14 (FYI, conflicts with the Y Princess Spring Campout for the Chickahominy Nation)


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  1. Great job this morning fellas. I didn’t know I needed to throw my ice skates in the car.

    Thanks for getting us off that blacktop DK. I could see Love Loops making a return with a bigger PAX soon.

  2. Love loops is a nice addition. Nicely done DK.

    It was treacherous out there this morning – school canceled again… Like Gumbo said, thanks for thinking on the fly DK!

    I guess No Toll is a younger mans post these days, lol.

    Rosie – please remember to let us know what we can do for that family that suffered the total loss due to fire.

    • Great to have you back with your crazy ass shorts and short sleeves laying on the nice icy topping of the basketball court today like it was nothing. That is SUPER!

      • Ha! I knew DK would bring the funky stuff this morning so staying warm was not going to be a problem. I was however prepared for the AO to be an ice rink. Next time I’m bringing skates!

  3. Thanks for trying to keep us upright on the crunchy grass DK. The Imperial walkers might be the slowest moving of the slow moving exercises.

    Here is some info on my neighbors that lost their house in a fire on Sunday. If you have anything you would like to donate, let me know.
    Girl: 5T (pants, jeans Sweat pants) shoe size 10 (KDG)
    Boy: 10-11 shoe size 6 (4th grade)
    Girl: 12-14 (jeans) Shirts, sweat shirts Adult Small (6th)
    Girl: 14-16 (jeans) Shirts, Adult Small (7th)

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