Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Snow Day


A dirty dozen came out to play in the pristine Winter Wonderland of Mary today.

Here is how the fun began….

Mosey to side of school for COP.  A couple of late arrivals showed after taking necessary precautions on the drive in.

  • Don Quixote – Slow Saab Style with a Reach
  • Helicopters
  • Hill Billies
  • Drop on your six for a couple of snow angels and roll into LBC
  • APDs

Quick mosey to the track for partner 4 Corners.

  • Corner 1 – Jerkins x 7
  • Corner 2 – Plerkins x 15
  • Corner 3 – Chin Ups x 10
  • Corner 4 – PLT x 25

Three times through.

Mosey back to the soccer field for the debut of the Anhinga!

This is an exercise YHC created after seeing the namesake bird in action.  This South American bird swims underwater to catch fish, pops up periodically for air, and resubmerges to continue fishing.  As this bird is a submariner, it’s feathers do not have oil.  After a swim, it must stand on the shore with it’s wings raised to dry in the sun.

Putting that in action, we commando crawled 10 paces, popped up and did a burpee, and resumed the crawl/burpee combo the width of the soccer fields.  At the end, break into SSH to dry those wings.

We ended up going halfway across the field and transitioning into lunges.

Next exercise:  We traversed back across the soccer fields with a bear crawl.  A true polar bear.

Shifting around to face the long length of the field, we traversed the soccer field for some boulders and cave.  Alternating pax ball up or plank up allowing other Pax to go over or under.  We did one length of the field.

Finishing up with a return down the soccer field with 11s.  Monkey Humpers and Captain Thors.

YHC took us out with Saab reminding us of the fragility of life and to seize the day.


  • CSAUP 2018 – BRR style relay run across all RVA AOs.  April 13-14.  Start your training and the forming of your 6 or 9 man teams.  This sounds like a nano region challenge.  Who will prevail?

Time to Taper,



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Always fun to play in the snow. Nice Q Lockjaw . Great job guys – be safe – see y’all in the gloom..
    Great to see Clavin back with us !
    Keeping your friend and her family in prayer Saabski .

  2. Great times Lockjaw. Nice snow Q.

    Only 2 pairs of pink knees at the end. I wonder who that could have been?

  3. Love playing in the snow. Good Q LJ. If you’d asked me before today what an Anhinga was, I’d have sworn it was a board game.

  4. What fun…and another day of learning from our resident ornithologist Lockjaw.

    Happy to be part of the bare knees brigade with HoneyDo….

    Great profile picture there Lockjaw. ABT!!

  5. Strong numbers for a snow day! Well done gents. Nice creativity LJ.

    Nano-region CSAUP Challenge – wow. The River Run/Robious corridor nano-region (me, Rosie, DK, Mr. Roper, Jville, Jenny Craig and I know I am forgetting others) will need to gather and strategize for teams

  6. At times it felt the Q was intentionally making the PAX get their knees in the snow. Always good though to see 12 knuckleheads out braving the snow.

  7. It was definitely intentional. I think we were down on the ground playing in the snow more than running around.

  8. Quick thanks to you all for the prayers and well-wishes fellas. As Lockjaw said, let us all continue to seize the day…and that includes playing in the snow (while wearing shorts).