Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Quarter Pounder with LBCs please (and a side of Chicken Peckers)


16 F3RVA regulars left the comfort of a warm home to push themselves in 70 and sunny weather.  This is what we accomplished:

Mosey to first circle for COP.  Exercises included Invisible Jumpropes, DQs, LBCs, and Copperhead Squats all IC.

Mosey to Carillon field for the Quarter Pounder.  Run to 25 yd line for 25 merkins.  Run Backwards to the start line.  Run to 50 yd line for 50 squats.  Run backwards to the start line.  Run to 75 yd line for 75 2-count Mountain Climbers.  Run backwards to start line.  Run to 100 yd line for 100 LBCs.  Run backwards to start line.

Quarter Pounder on steroids.  Run to 25 yd line for 25 merkins.  Run backwards to start line.  Run to 50 for 50 squats, stopping at 25 yd line for 25 merkins.  Run backwards to start line.  Run to 75 yd line for 75 mountain climbers stopping at the 25 for 25 merkins and at the 50 for 50 squats.  Run backwards to the start line.  Run to the 100 yd line for 100 LBCs stopping at the 25 yd line for 25 merkins, at the 50 yd line for 50 squats and at the 75 yd line for 75 mountain climbers.  Run backwards to the start line.

Mosey to the outdoor stage for Touch a Tree.  Partner up.  One partner performs Chicken Peckers while the other partner runs to touch 3 trees.  Switch.  Repeato for 6 trees and 9 trees.

Mosey back to the first circle for LBCs Ring of Fire.  Each PAX perform 20 LBCs while the remainder of the PAX holds feet at six inches.  Repeato until all PAX has completed their 20 LBCs.

Mosey back to flag.  Numberama, Namearama.  YHC took us out with thanks for the warmth of our houses, while there are many in out communities, nation and the world who go to sleep in the cold every day.

Announcements – Too cold for announcements.

NMS : More PAX than degrees again this morning for F3RVA.  YHCs thought is that if you are going to post in the cold, you better be moving the entire time to build up some heat.  For this reason, we had an abbreviated COP and got straight to work running the field.  Not much mumble chatter this morning due to everyones teeth chattering maybe.  You would not have been able to understand anything Offshore said anyway as he donned the ski mask.  Dude sounded like Mushmouth or Charlie Browns teacher during Namearama, but his face was warm.  Flipper took a tumble during one of the backward runs, but dude made it look graceful as he completed a backwards roll (sort of) and popped right back up to continue.  BTW, that is a long way to run backwards.  Chicken Peckers during the Touch a Tree might have been a bit much, but the PAX pushed through with much groaning.  A small key fiasco averted as Pucker somehow lost his key out of pocket and then more amazingly found it around the AO.  390 LBCs for the morning (Good start for the day)

Side Note : TYA is looking to Ice Skate this weekend.  Somebody tell him this is not Boston and get him a life jacket.

Circle K


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Solid Q Circle K ! Love the BB title..
    Glad you found your keys Pucker !
    Much respect to Pele for making it out on a cold morning first day back from brake !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Strong numbers at W-Dog and it sounds like two hefty side-dishes of LBCs and Chicken Peckers were served up by Chef Circle K. Way to go fellas.

  3. TYA, we are having my daughter’s twelfth birthday party Sunday at 1 at Southampton Ice Rink. I know a guy who can get you in.

  4. Heck of a beatdown Circle K. Way to crush it Pele.. very impressive young buck!! And my backwards role was totally graceful.. really it was. And can we just damn that field is long when your running backwards. The Bold are out when it’s cold out..

  5. Big Tennessee on

    Another solid Circle K Q. Way to go! Funny was I didn’t know who Offshore was until the COT…”Hey-be, man-be!”

  6. Many thanks to the Pax that helped locate my keys. Sippy, Tobit, Bootleg, offshore and especially BT who actually located them at our final spot. This was simply my way of extending the workout… as usual you guys nailed it!