Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bus Loops-Football Fields and Slurred Speech


With yet another warm day upon us in the RVA, 7 eager gents rolled into SOT for a little pre sunrise beatdown.

Circle the bus loop


SSH x 20

DQ x 15

Imperial Walkers – dont know how many we did because YHC legs werent thawed yet and screwed up the counting, thanks for calling me out Rosco

Cooperhead Squats – x 10

LBC x 10

Merkins x 10

Mosey to bottom of Bus Loop

5 Laps around bus loop, stop at every light pole and do the stated exercise.  Total of 8 poles on the loop. Plank or Al gore in between each loop and wait for PAX.

Loop 1 – 2 Burpees at each pole

Loop 2- 5 Box Cutters at each pole

Loop 3 – 5 Jump Squats at each pole

Loop 4 –  5 Merkins at each pole

Loop 5 – 10 Monkey Humpers at each pole

Lunge 30 Yards

Mosey to Football Field

4 Corners of football field- Round 1

Corner 1 – 10 Merkins

Corner 2 – 20 WWIIs

Corner 3 – 30 (2) Count Mountain Climbers

Corner 4 – 40 SSHs

4 Corners of football field – Round 2

5 Burpees in each corner – for the 5 Loses YHC’s Carolina Panthers had during the regular season

Mosey back to Flag for Mary

Hello Dolly x 15

Flutter Kicks x 15

Merkin Ring of Fire to finish.

COT – Namerama, Numberama, YHC took us out

Announcements –

CSAUP announcement coming soon.

Prayer requests were made, lets pray for our brothers for what every they may be needing or going through.


It was great to see the numbers at SOT hold strong as the temperature continues to drop in the RVA.  YHC did screw up the cadence for the Imperial walkers, I appreciate the PAX, especially Rosco, on keeping me honest on how bad it really was. As the bus loops were occuring the chat turned to the Playoff bound Buffalo Bills and how long it has been since they have been in the playoffs.  A few stats were thrown around like who was president at the time, how old were current players, and of course how old was Wilson at the time….still waiting on that answer…?  Speaking of Wilson, he has the Q on Sat at Dogpile, there is talk of a Bills Starter jacket making an appearance, if your into that 90s kind of fashion you don’t want to miss it.  Ok I wont lie, I had a Charlotte Hornets starter jacket back in the day.  Moving on…it was about the 2nd or 3rd  loop around when DK mentioned his speech was beginning to slur due to the cold, and YHC agrees, it was damn cold out there this morning, but he crushed it none the less.  Rosie led the way as usual, he and Gumbo of course still rolling in the shorts, strong work men. Mumblechatter was high this morning, the entire SOJ crew is eager to get the Hallsley crew back out with us, so if you see McRib, Bobber, or Carmen give them a nudge. It was a great morning and everyone pushed this morning, it was an privilege to be out there with you gents. With possible weather tonight, you guys be careful and stay warm!





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  1. Great work guys. Thanks for the leadership Marmaduke. I think the bus loops may need to make a return especially on another cold morning. Good way to keep us moving. And, never thought I would say this, but I’m thankful that the Panthers only lost 5 games…

  2. Good Q, ‘Duke! Stupid Cam Cam…stupid Greg Olsen…maybe they didn’t eat enough Bojangles Dirty Rice in front of the owner.

  3. Finally signed in to comment on the forum, thanks DK! Good job this morning Marmaduke. Don’t worry about the cadence, we all know how to do a SSH without counting. I didn’t realize RVA was located in Canada….still confused on that one…

  4. Good plan for 7 today Marmaduke odd numbers can always throw a wrench in the plans. Today, I am grateful you are not a Browns fan and that I have regained feeling in my face and can talk without slurring.

  5. Solid Q today. Saturday may require 3 layers of gloves and a Gumbo-style mask. As for the Browns comment, I would never wish that on anyone. But it does give me an idea for Q on Draft Day…

  6. Great Q Marmaduke! I was smoked! 17 years since the Bills made the playoffs! It’s a brand new season, right? Just a few games and the Bills could be back in a Super Bowl! I was the ripe age of 29 (hate hate) when the Bills last lost in the playoffs! I wish I had F3 back then. Looking forward to the next time in the gloom!

  7. Hoping to do it before this. But after tomorrow the next non-Dog Pile AM for me in RIC will be in Feb.