Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Three, third (apparently), on the 1st


A PAX of three posted for the third F3RVA workout of 2018.  A benefit of the evening start was the positively balmy 21 degree temperature at game time.  We went at it like so:

YHC and J’ville started with Invisible Jumpropes, SSHs, Invisible Jump Ropes, SSHs, Don Quixotes, Russian Soldiers, and Merkins.  We kept an eye out for E.C., an FNG and neighbor of YNC, who, following some mild headlocking, agreed to post.  After finding E.C. at the Holton bus loop, we completed another brief round of warm-ups with more Invisible Jump Ropes, SSHs, and Don Quixotes followed by Imperial Walkers and Arm Circles.

We moved to the Holton gymnasium exterior wall for a Triple Check with People’s Chair, 10 Merkins followed by a Plank, and a mosey to the Laburnum sidewalk and back.  We followed with a sequence involving Moving Imperial Walkers for about 30 yards between a tree and a utility pole in the school yard to then complete 20 Invisible Jump Ropes and jog back to the starting point.  We repeated this, reducing the number of Jump Ropes by 1, until we finished 11 reps. We then returned to the school wall for another Triple Check with Standing Wall Plank (you choose the angle), LBCs, and the sidewalk mosey.  We finished with seven ring of fire rounds involving Squats and then a couple of minutes of stretching.  COT where we finished and YHC took us out.

YHC chose to drive the several blocks to the AO and found Johnsonville waiting in his car in the parking lot.  We stayed in our cars until just a few minutes before the start time.  A couple of Northside guys have been introduced to F3 through the evening Punisher in the past few months, but all indicated prior obligations on 1/1 (including recovery from events on 12/31).  FNG E.C., now Change Order inspired by his employment as an Architect, indicated last week and then earlier in the day on 1/1 that he would post.  We kept an eye out for him through the first warm-up round but didn’t spot him until we moved to the Holton bus loop.  Glad you could make it Change Order.

Happy New Year all.




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