Wednesday, January 19
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

They’ll Drop in Mid-July


Seriously. 9 degrees? It was 9 degrees this morning? However, in what has to be an unprecedented F3 Event, I am proud to say that there were more PAX at a workout than the actual temperature. 11 men showed up to trundle around the beautiful Tuckahoe Elementary, Tuckahoe Middle, Freeman District.


PAX-Bleeder, Totahnka (FNG), The YA, Wedding Singer, Swirly, BT, Fudd, Splinter, Saab, Sippy Cup, Marv

Name of the Run– First Class Run

The Thang:

4 Milers– Lake to Boatright via the northside of the Robins Center (including somewhat of a killer hill that is very rarely used). Boatright to Lakewood. Lakewood to Wood. Wood to Baldwin. Baldwin to Stuart Hall (pausing to genuflect on Lally Construction’s latest masterpiece). Stuart Hall to Forest. Forest to Rock Creek to Baldwin to Westham. South on Westham to University, north on College and then through the parking lot of the Robins Center back to the lake.

5 Milers– 4 Mile Course beginning but straight on College to University. Right on University to Ralston. Left on Ralston. Cross River to Windsor on the James. Take the WOTJ loop back to River to Ralston to University back to the lake through the Robins Parking Lot.

6 Milers– Same beginning as four mile but go south on Westham as opposed to crossing and going to the Lally Project. Westham to University where they would pick up the 5 miler trail and go from there.

It had been awhile since we had run the “First Class Run” of the Windsor on the James. There’s nothing quite like running in the wide streets of the WOTJ with no cars parked on the streets to get in your way. A tip of the hat to the folks that occupy the houses in WOTJ, as they spent their entire weekend taking down their Christmas lights. QIC took his family around that loop (in a vehicle) late last week and it was lit up like the Griswolds. Those folks definitely move on.

We really can’t emphasize enough how cold it was. QIC isn’t sure his legs ever got warm, and he was wearing TheYA approved NIKE tights. Shout out to the Head ski gloves sold by Costco this fall…they did the trick and then some. BT debuted a cool ensemble that included a neck guard and a hood…and something for his ears.

The first hill up by the Robins Center was a pleasant little gassing surprise. Nothing like asking your body to try to regulate it’s temperature while climbing up a steep hill. I’m not one to use foul language, but my body was pretty much ripping me a new one at that point.

It does beg the question that may or may not be debated in the comment section below… Would you rather run at 9 degrees or at 77 and unbelievable humidity? Think before you react as the latter is pretty brutal too. I’d actually throw my vote in for the 9 degrees over the sweltering heat run…at the very least, my car doesn’t smell like a wet rhino after the 9 degree run. I’m interested to see what everyone else thinks.

Other notes–welcome to Totahnka, son of Snowden. So, in Iceland, his name would be “Totahnka Snowdenson”. He’s a freshman at Bucknell, studying economics. QIC isn’t really all that concerned about Totahnka Snowdenson taking his radio gig based on his first impression…but it was super having the 18 (or 19) year old out there.

All time shortest post huddle conversation time. Ever. QIC literally had to chase The YA into his car. Speaking of The YA, good to have him back healthy…wasn’t the same without him.

Overall, it was a terrific way to break in the first work day of the New Year. God Speed, gents, and make sure you bundle up the rest of the week.


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  1. Great question, MARV. I’ve thought about this many times going back and forth to the tropical environs of south Florida. I’ll take 9 and dry over 80 and 90 percent humidity.

    That said, add in some precipitation, and I’ll take summer.

  2. Good route Marv…nice number of tough hills spread throughout.

    Your question is an easy one: “77 degrees with high humidity” of course. (Ask me the same question next July and I will promptly answer with “9 degrees”…)

  3. I’d choose 9 degrees. Actually, I think I’d choose -9 degrees. Hopefully we won’t have to find out.

    What I really want to know is what a wet rhino smells like, or how to compare one’s smell to a wet rhino.

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