Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Solo River


A lonely Davillian came down south in hopes for a southern welcome to find a lonely AO. YHC security the AO and this how it went down:

A couple laps around the school in hopes for at least one LIFO. At 5:35 no one was found so YHC head out in the route he knew. Out of BWES and across Robious Rd then turn right. Head into River Down going up and down the hills till reaching Gumbo’s house. Complete a few merkins then head back the same way for about 5 miles

Unbeknownst to YHC, this AO was cancelled last minute the night before. Since YHC saw no formal cancellation in the form of a preblast, FB or Twitter announcements, one would be lead to believe this was still active AO despite it being an holiday.

Nonetheless it was good to change things up and enjoy running somewhere other than Daville. The wonder of the marvelous full moon help take YHC’s mind off the cold weather and almost 400 foot elevation gain.


  • Colonial 200 coming up on April  20th and 21st. YHC is a SC (almost HC) to join the boys from Hampton Runs for this relay race. See Dreamliner’s  pre-blast on how to sign up




  1. Nice double-dip, Spit. Happy to have you join us at Hoedown as well. Great way to start 2018.

  2. All good Flatline! I have gotten use to solo runs up in DaVille. It was nice to have a change in scenery