Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Captain Merkin v Captain Thor


11 strong posted for WDOG in the gloom and here is how it went down.

COP: Arm Circles, Helicopters, Windmills, SSH’s, Flutter Kicks, APD’s, LBC’s.

Vita track : run the track pax stays together – at each obstacle stop and do 5 merkins and 5 captain thor’s – touchdown al gore until everyone is finished – 1 mile around the track.

Long Curb Crawl :  bear crawl to the curb incline merkin – crawl bear back decline merkin – up to 5.

Pole Smoker Indian Run : 4 pole smokers while pax holds 6 inches or 90 degrees – after the 4 pole smokers run to the end of the line – repeat to the end of the poles.

Amp Theatre : Dips ladder down 18-1    – 1 incline merkin at each step on the way back up.

Native American Run back to the flag.

Moleskin: Fuudski got out of his car ready to roll this morning cause the Christmas music on his radio need to go – he has had enough till next year – me too Fuud! Mixture of pants and shorts today as the pax is trying to get used to this winter weather. (Honeydo had on a hat)….. YHC’s knee felt much better cause YHC took 2 days off – yep you heard that right – evidently rest helps – I don’t know verdict is still out – let’s go baby!

We had not been on the track in a while it was good to be back there – the captain thor’s started to get difficult there at the end – way to push guys… Lot’s of moaning and groaning at the pole smoker station – we had not done those in a while either and we needed some good ab work after the holiday 🙂

Great to have Sit Topham hat visiting from Charlotte. Wedding Singer showed up a few minutes after YHC arrived this morning and informed YHC that he was going for a run – atta baby singer – dude has the bug !!! He was still out there running when we left. .

Fuudski took us out – well said buddy..

Announcements : 7AM workout New Years Day at Hoedown.

Stay tuned for details about upcoming CSAUP !

See y’all in the gloom…


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  1. Good Q. Nice to have you back at close to full speed, Swirly.

    Somehow, I screw up the curb crawl count everytime…1.5 years of curb crawls, and I can’t get it right.

  2. Hats ok, pants are not. SOP baby! Thanks for the audible going back up the stairs although Lockjaw was determined to get his dose of merkins.

  3. Wedding Singer on

    Way to go guys! Thanks for including me in the blast Swirly, good to hear you’re getting that knee feeling better. Had every intention of making it back for the end of the workout but when I made it to Mumford on the reverse Carillon run I was feeling pretty good and decided to throw in a few more miles before heading back.

  4. Great Q Swirly. Keeping the PAX together during the Vita track was a nice approach.

    Note: My Captain Thors still need work…They resemble my Lt Dans (in a horizontal manner)

  5. Always a pleasure to get back on the VITA course. Abs are feeling it today.

    I missed the audible on the ascent out of the amphitheater and defaulted to ascending. Thanks for keeping me in the know HD or I would have been out there a while.

    3rd F at Starbucks was great as well.