Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Weekend at Bernie’s


5 redwoods posted for some early morning fun at TwinTeam.  No Q on the sheet so a hot potato ensued.  YHC took control to start.

Warmup – 20 SSH, Arm Circles, Imperial Walkers

Mosey to the JRHS parking lot for a modified 4 corners, similar to Honeymoon’s “Prostitute”.  10 burpees in corner 1, 20 merkins in corner 2, back to corner 1, Corner 3, 30 squats, back to corner 1 doing 20 and 10 on the way, Corner 4, 40 Mountain Climbers, repeat exercises in each corner you pass on the way back.

Pass to Flashdance for the Weekend at Bernie’s

3 men carry 1 other – 1 at each arm, 1 at the legs (odd man out runs) repeat back and forth across the parking lot  3x until each carrier has had a round on each arm and the legs.  Carried man tries to keep the core tight to avoid dragging on the ground.  Continue until all men have been carried.

Pass to Jenny Craig – Arm circles to loosen up, IC.  Plank walk around the perimeter of the curb islands.  Alternate clockwise/counter clockwise doing 2 of each.  Finish up with a bear crawl and crawl bear back to the start.

Pass to Mr. Roper for 11’s across the parking lot.  WWII and Heels to Heaven

Mr. Holland closes us out with a 2 round merkin ring of fire Rosie style

Namearama/Numberama – Flashdance took us out.


TwinTeam seems to be becoming similar to Batteau with the hot potato Q’s and we are reaping the benefits of new faces leading.  Mr. Roper has gotten a hard time recently about stepping up to Q but he has now taken over in quite a few hot potatoes and is establishing a repertoire for the F3 classics.  Jenny Craig put us on the ground and wore the shoulders down to almost nothing with the plank curb walks and bear crawls.  He also took a shot at arm circles cadence and nailed it.  Now we get to the Flashdance portion of the Q, that was a beast.  Obviously we know where the name comes from and after 3 rounds of carries the carriers were the ones feeling like Bernie.  Apparently this is one way to get the injured off the battlefield, some are easier that others and we’re just happy Mr. Roper still has both of his thumbs.  Lots of Flair in the ring of fire these days, PAX are killing it.

If all the HCs follow through we should have a large crowd at Dogpile tomorrow for Circle K.  Merry Christmas.

Announcements –

Christmas day at Hoedown – Mr. Holland has the lead

New Year’s Day – 2.0 friendly at Hoedown, others a possibility?


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