Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Lot of Snatch


Four Sequoias arose for 45 minutes of slinging heavy metal.

THANG (more or less)



  • SSH, Merkins, DQs, IWs, Arm Circles

Snatch-imeter – Circle bus loop while performing a Snatch, Two Steps, Snatch and Continue to half way point of loop

11s – Donkey Kicks/ Inclined Merkins

2nd Half of Snatch-imeter

White Deer

Curb Fun

  • Sit-up and Press, Boat/Canoe, Overhead Extensions, Goblet Squats, Lawnmower Pulls, Others

Mosey to parking lot

Death Crawl for 2 spots, Lunge for 2 spots – Down Parking Lot and Back

Lunge/ Bear Crawl – Down and Back

Numberama, Nameorama, COT


Jville and White Deer arrived via clown car to find a strange car awaiting.  Only after pleasantries and reintroductions did White Deer remember the bandana-ed mystery man.  YHC recently completed a little personal challenge having visited all AOs in RVA since August 1, except Circus.  YHC last visited there in February and thought it was time to renew the membership.  Offshore arrived just as Jville claimed the Q and the PAX was off.  All the snatch surely would have been a Honeydo favorite had he not celebrated the end of Hate the night before.  YHC would take White Deer up against any of the Bear Crawl legends, Bleeder, Honeydo, Flip Dog, any day.  White Deer further proved his mettle by slinging a 35.3 bell compared to Jville’s 35, YHC’s borrowed 30, and Offshore’s NERF KB.  Fun was had by all, and YHC shall return……someday.


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