Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Twas the May before Christmas


8 Jolly SOJ  Elves broke the fartsack on a very crisp morning at Timberwolf!



SSH X 15

Copperhead Squats x 15

DQ X 15

Helicopters x 10

The Thang

Ladder Boyaah Merkins

-Partner up, 1 Boyahh Merkin, partner elbow planks while other partner does a Burpee and jumps over the planking partner and goes in to an elbow plank for the other partner to do a Burpee and then jump over the planker,  then sprint across field.  Increase all the way to 7 Booyah Merkins to completion.


Exercise 1 – WWII Situps

Exercise 2 – Jump Squats

Running Distance – Across Football Field



Lunge half of the track

Mosey to side of school

Quad Check – 2 Groups of 4

Exercise 1 – Balls to the wall

Exercise 2 – WWII Sit Ups

Exercise 3 –  Monkey Humpers

Exercise 4 – Run across Parking lot, run backwards back to group

Al Gore

20 WWIIs – OYO

Mosey to front of school

Dips – 3 sets of 10 in cadence

Mosey to flag

Merkin Ring of Fire

Burpee Ring of Fire

COT – Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out.

Announcements – Q sheet is up for 2018


YHC was excited to take the Q on his 100 post for 2018 but wasn’t quite sure on what the weinke should consist of.  With a little help from the M, it was suggested to pull out the BB from my first post and duplicate that.  Well come to find out it the month of May had just begun along with the monthly challenge of WWII situps.  So a tip of the hat goes to Gumbo for the inspiration on the WWII onslaught for the day.  Rosie, jokingly, did mentioned that Gumbo also dropped out of the WWII challenge a few days later, might need big data help to confirm. Everyone killed the 11s, with Honeymoon and Rosie lapping the field, awesome work on those gents!  YHC is also happy to announce that Mr. Roper will be stepping up to Q a hot potato Q with Wilson on Jan 6th, looking forward to that one, make sure you guys get out there for it.  As chatter was happening after close of COP, it was mentioned that no one posted at Twin team last Friday, but Mr. Roper did confirm that he and Jenny Craig were there with some “other guy” named George.  When asked what they named the FNG, Roper corrected us, and said he had no clue, he just called the guy George because he didn’t know his name, but he had posted before.  So George, if you are reading this, well done last Friday, come back so we know who you are!

Lastly, with this being my 100th post in 2017, I just wanted to say thank you to each and everyone of you for pushing me to limits I didn’t know were possible.  I am a better man today for the friendships, support, and challenges that F3 has brought to my life, and for that i am grateful.  Have a great Christmas and Ill see you boys in the gloom!









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  1. Congrats on 100 Marmaduke, that’s impressive considering you started in May. It’s always fun to bring back someone else’s Q so they can share in the blame, even better when they are there to experience the questionable choices they made. No, I don’t think Gumbo dropped out of the challenge, that was just mumblechatter to try to head off any more planned WWIIs.

  2. I can confirm that indeed I did not drop out of the challenge…I’m not sure why not, but I pressed on that month.

    Marmaduke, congrats on 100 posts brother. F3RVA is better having you in it and you push us every time you step into the circle and take the lead. Thanks for that.

    A smoker today. Those Boo-Ya Merkins add up in a hurry. I forgot that…guess that means they need to come back more often. Strong work today everyone.

    Safe travels and Merry Christmas all!

  3. Way to hit 100 and doing it starting from may. Pretty sure that corporate will give you a gold star in your file.

  4. Wow…100 since May. 365-120 =245 possible days…100/245=40%…solid work.

    Great to meet you and build a friendship. Looking forward to 2018

  5. Marmaduke-your a great friend and everyone you come in contact with is better because if you. Solid work every time you attend a workout. You keep everyone grounded especially the New Market crew! 100 down and a shit ton more to come. Keep it up! Proud to call you a friend!