Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Batteau – Four Parts


The Batteau Four arrived in the gloom for a hot potato Q; although walking may have been better than running.
Here’s how it went down, more or less around an AO that was partly under construction( at least that’s what the signs said)

Batteau Part 1
Bleeder Q
Mosey up the Steps of the house, then back down to the tennis courts

25 SSH
10 Merkins
20 Imperial Walkers
15 – 2X arm circles

Mosey to bottom of Steps
Quick Lindsey
Dips, LBC’s

Mosey to Lake
Light Pole to Light Pole, Run, Lunge, Bear Crawl, in that order around the lake.

Batteau Part 2
Swirly Q

Some Mary.
Incline, decline Mekins, 10x, 15x 20X

Batteau Part 3
Sippy Cup Q
Run up Steps.
Grab a Rock.
Head to Grassy Knoll.
Take aim,
Tenderizer, 25 Times, Rock over head throw into ground.

Hold Rock out for ten count, Rotate through each rock.

Return Rocks.

Batteau Part 4
Bootleg Q
Mosey Back to Virtual Flag
20 X American Hammer

YHC Took us out.

Hump Day Happy Hour: The ANSWER brew pub Wednesday – Honey Do’s Birthday


The constitency of the usual suspects has become routine, although Swirly’s knee issues seem to be reaching that same level of constituency, Dude, a couple more days off is not going to kill you(Kettle Bells might be a good option)

Bleeder out


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