Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Visions of Splashing Bordeaux


A frigid 23 left the comfort of their automobiles to see if a Dogpile beatdown would compensate for their sudden loss of heat.  This is what transpired…more or less:

COP:  Don Quixote’s (10)

Red Barchetta:  Run out to 25, 50, 75, and 100 and perform same # of stated exercise:  Burpees, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Flutter Kicks…respectively

It’s a Frickin’ Triangle:  Polar Bear, 10 Merkins.  Run…20 J-Squats….run backwards (uphill).  30 WWII’s (Proper, Hardywood-style).  Heels to Heaven for early finishes.

Amphitheater:  Alternating Derkins and Dips on down (5 each).  Alternating Incline-Merkins and Heals to Heaven back up (5 each).

Lindsays (Saab’s Version):  Hill and Valley behind Amphitheater… 35 Donkey Kicks on top of one hill, 5 Squats on top of other hill.  Perform 5 Merkins on bottom each time one passes.  Decrement/Increment count by 5 until 5/35 is completed.

Ring of Fire (10 Merkins).  Mary:  Hello Dollys, Rosalitas, Box Cutters (40 for Honeydo’s upcoming ascendency out of “hate”)


Since YHC could not discern much chatter over the din of Lab Rat’s discourse, the following is a summary of observations throughout the workout:

  • Hitchhiker’s proximity to the AO was learned after first questioning his ability to see through his windshield which was completely covered in frost.
  • On the subject of Hitcher, congrats on his pending arrival…(his M is “Up the Duff”)
  • To the BB title, HoneyDo informed YHC early on he was a little hungover after finishing a vintage ($250) bottle of 83 Bordeaux.  Not only does that solidify YHC’s opinion of HoneyDo as a real high-roller, he knew HD would never regurgitate such a fine vintage into the grounds of the AO.
  • Supposedly, Saab’s workouts generate a desire to regularly check one’s watch.  YHC is not certain if this is due to boredom or something else.
  • According to Lab Rat, YHC did not have a proper “COP”.  YHC sorely disputes this claim…
  • Given YHC’s poor track-record for studying the Lexicon, it should have come as no surprise that Saab had a different definition of Lindsays – as was pointed out when he chose the ratio of 35/5.
  • There was a brief moment of concern at the base of the amphitheater when YHC noticed one PAX member laying motionless on the bottom step….particularly since our resident doctor is currently relaxing in Hawaii (bitches).
  • Speaking of Bleeder, he clocked today’s workout as covering 3.8M…Apologies went to Swirly afterward who is working through some serious knee pain.
  • On the subject of Swirly, it has become evident (why’d it take me this long) that you can’t argue with, or give good advice to Corporate nor a Stubborn Swirly.  Does he take time off after running a 100k/64M race?…nah…recovery is for sucks, right Swirl?

Announcements:  HDHH this Wednesday at the Answer – a celebration of all that is HoneyDo (40)

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  1. Great T-shirt, about knowing little in which you are going to do.

    Speaking of SAAB, good to see your name back on the Q roster, (well, sort of…)

    On the subject of Q-ing, the first COP was really a LOP, Line of Pain.

    Mentioning Pain, Swirly was well warned of the on slaughter of leg brutalizing that was going to happen today, his decision, no apolizing.

    Speaking of Lab Rat, the cold shower from
    Yesterday, probably would have been warm.

    Warm is not what Hardywood and Helix looked like today in their traditional holiday festive shorts and t- shirt.

    Speaking of festive; congrats to Hitcherhiker on the news of a 2.0 that arrives in 2018.

  2. Great Q Saab! That Lindsey was no joke! 35 donkey kicks to start, what?!?!

    Thanks Rosie for pushing me at the amphitheater.

    Congrats Hitchhiker on new arrival next year!

    Have a great weekend fellas.

  3. Well when M opens up a nice bottle and doesn’t like it you have to man up and drink it all, whether you’re already a few beers in or not.
    Couldn’t miss a Saab Q. Also your 40 Box Cutters were about 27 for the rest of the PAX.

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    “In every battle there comes a time when both sides consider themselves beaten; then he who continues to attack WINS”
    General Ulysses S. Grant
    See y’all in the gloom…..