Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Monument Light Tour


Another record week for RAMM with 18 on foot or bike.  Today’s route was aptly named by Honey Do as “The Big Dipper”.

Northbound on Westmoreland to Monument and head east.  4s turn at Sheppard, 5s at Strawberry, and 6s at the Lee Monument.  Head west on Monument and South on Lafayette to Grove to the VSF.

Swiper took us out.


I was anticipating an illuminated Monument Avenue full of wonder and holiday spirit.  While there were some lights, today’s route did answer an important question:  “How does one come to own a large classic home on Monument Avenue?”  The answer is by turning off your holiday lights in the evening and not leaving them for packs of runners to enjoy at 5:30 am.

It’s good to see the return of Swiper.  He is back with full speed.  Taking us out was concise and eloquent.  Welcome back!


  • Labrat had what seemed to be a personal announcement for Sippy Cup.  Something about meeting for the early bird lunch in a cafeteria somewhere.
  • HDHH next Wednesday at the Answer.  Honey Do’s birthday and the end of hate.

Time to Taper,



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  1. Ah contraire mon frère! The announcement was for EVERYBODY! (but Sippy in particular, because he works there).

    ANYBODY that would like to meet up for lunch in the MCV hospital cafeteria today right before noon is invited! Flatline should be there, assuming nobody is dying at the moment. Lab Rat and Shakedown have more contemporary state jobs, so we will definitely be there. Bike parking is awesome, car parking is really bad.

    Awesome riding with the guys this morning! Thanks for not leaving me in the dust.

  2. A more celestial accurate name for this route may be “The Mirrored Spring Big Dipper”. In the winter, the Big Dipper’s handle faces south with the bowl hanging off to the east. Had we run south along Westmoreland through Windsor farms then cut across the river to the 5th green at Willow Oaks, then we would have had a true winter dipper.

    The spring Big Dipper looks close to this route, except the bowl is mirrored on the handle axis.


    Great route Lockjaw!

  3. Nice route Lockjaw, and I still did enjoy the lights – sparse as they were….Don’t let Cliff Claven here keep you from naming it what you want.

    Would someone please tell Swirly to take a day off for goodness sake.

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