Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

50 for 50


17 warriors and 1 birthday boy converged upon the gloom at Mary Munford to celebrate.  The festivities went a little something like this:


50 SSH’s IC for PUCKER!

Call Pucker to center and embarrass him for a minute.  RESPECT all around.

Arm Circles


Don Quixote’s (Abe Vigoda style….because Saab isnt getting any younger)

The Meat of it:

-It’s a Friggin’ Triangle, People!  (5 corners)-  5 groups of men, running around the track and stopping at the corners for:

  • -Derkins
  • -Leg Lifts
  • -pullups
  • -Dips
  • -Incline Alabama Prom Dates


-Curb Crawl Do Se Do: 2 lines facing each other in plank.  On Q’s signal, plank walk 10 steps north, south, east and west.  5 IC merkins at each point of the compass.  When done properly, everybody moves together.  This morning’s iteration was not done properly.

-Huddle For Warmth:  Huddle up close on thy sixes.  Lock arms and legs with your buddy.  Perform WW2 situps as a group.  I think we did 16?

-Long Ways suicides:  On the tennis courts, using the far side court as the line, going width wise.  1 forward, 1 backward suicide

-Mary:  American Hammers, Hello Dolly, Hello Rosalita, V-Snaps (for the aspiring gymnasts)


  • First and foremost, happy birthday to Pucker!  Two years of being 49 are over.
  • Turns out, Swirly is human after all.  Either that or he forgot to spray WD-40 on his lower extremity mid pivot point.  Heal up quick, buddy!  I hope ice and Ibuprofin can take care of it.  Otherwise, we will have to rely on  your extreme health care plan (TYA and Bleeder making you go to the doctor).  “Come on guys, it’s so simple, maybe you need a refresher course.  It’s all ball bearings nowadays!”
  • Speaking of injury reports, Swiper has a clean bill of health!  His X-Ray came back fracture free and he was making up for lost time sprinting between the corners this morning.  Woo hoo!
  • You know you have arrived in F3RVA when you try to give out instructions to the group, then you get heckled for lack of instructions.  Then a separate group heckles you for taking too long to give out the instructions.  Aww shucks…thanks, guys.
  • The Do Se Do’s were a massive Charlie Foxtrot.  Seems like we are going to have to do those more often to get the dance steps down better.  Also, they are VERY TOUGH to call cadence on….especially when your arms are about to give out.
  • For the record, it was SAAB that scared the hell out of Sugar Britches….even after I said, “hey, ya’ll don’t scare that woman”.
  • Splinter does American Hammers aggressively.  I dont really have a joke for that, but he does.
  • Smithfield gave us the rundown of how he got his name during 5-corners.  We are a mean, cruel group of men!

Apology of the Week goes out to Bleeder.  Sorry about damn near doing a back flip over top of you during backwards suicides.  I guess that makes us even from the “bike incident”.


Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Hey everybody, thanks for playing along.


    -HDHH and HoneyDo’s birthday (end of hate)! Next Wednesday at The Answer brew pub. Honey Do should not be buying any beers himself, and should be in no condition to drive home.

    -MARV’s new house may or may not be built on a bog.

    -Lab Rat is trying to be nice. Don’t push it, though.

    -Hardywood is kicking around the idea of doing a run a mile challenge….as in see how fast you can do it. I’m sure this is going to be ALMOST as popular as the breathing challenge.

  2. Hey, I do American Hammers the way they should be done here in the states. If you want to do them soft, call them Russian Twists.


  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent BB Labrat !
    Way to work guys – appreciate the well wishes – think I need to see Flipper and his magic lazer …
    See y’all in the gloom..

  4. I’m already set to Uber home. No need to buy me beers just want to hang with my F3RVA brothers.

    For Hardywood’s challenge are we inching towards a Beer-Mile challenge day?

  5. I’ll get you one at the show, in case I cant make it to HDHH….(but things look promising for a yes).

  6. Respect to Pucker…your first case of Depends is on me.

    “Incline A-P-D’s… eh?” Absolutely brilliant

    Ok, I admit it…I really WAS chasing after Sugar-Britches.

    Lab Rat is always nice – whether he admits it or not. (Great way to take us out pal)

  7. In the nicest and most respectful way i can say it, the heckling when Lab Rat Q’s is the best. Excessive mumblechatter, ball-busting and the overall brotherhood while getting sufficiently smoked doing a seemingly benign exercise like the do-se-do is magic. Well done!

  8. Lab Rat, thanks for just sideswiping me, I’m not sure how a direct hit would have gone.

    Happy Birthday Pucker! Respect!