Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

10 Days of Spider Run Christmas


Nine spider runners shed their reflective vests and headlamps for a long awaited Splinter interval Q. This iteration lined up with the theme of the day, proliferating Rosie’s 12 days across all AOs. We only celebrated 10 days. Here’s how it went down:

Run by the lake, up the steps, across the bridge to the plush intramural field. Line up on the endline for:

Day 1: Run to the goal box line and back, 12 LBCs
Day 2: Run to the 20 yard line then repeat day 1, 12 mountain climbers
Day 3: Run to the midfield line then repeat day 2, 12 diamond merkins
Day 4: Run to the far 20 yard line then repeat day 3, 12 imperial squat walkers
Day 5: Run to the far goal box line then repeat day 4, 12 burpees
Day 6: Run to the full field then repeat day 5, 12 dips
Day 7: Run to the goal box line and run backwards back to the line then repeat day 6, 12 lunges
Day 8: Run to the 20 yard line and run backwards back to the line then repeat day 7, 12 merkins
Day 9: Run to the midfield line and run backwards back to the line then repeat day 8, 12 american hammers
Day 10: Run to the far 20 yard line and run backwards back to the line then repeat day 8, 12 flutter kicks

Mosey back to the VSF where Fudd took us out.

The Spider Run regulars have been anticipating interval training every time YHC shows up to Q the run. When YHC announced neither reflective gear nor illumination was necessary, the PAX acknowledged with a collective sneer. Here were the highlights:

– Sippy Cup was finally able to work in backwards running during regulation time. Normally, he brings this out in OT and makes the rest of us feel inadquate.
– Marv is slowly trying to figure out how to run to the AO from his new domicile. Mumblechatter denoted a possible flip of his current house.
– Singer is excited for HDHH next Wednesday, providing time for him to reflect on his first training run of the year. The man has come a long way from his 1.5 mile training run before the last HDHH at The Answer. You’ve come a long way in 9 months.
– TYA was noticably quite this AM. Perhaps it was the crescent moon.
– BT has a coworker’s spouse going under the knife today for a significant surgery. Thoughts and prayers.
– Saab had his fill of intervals and ditched the PAX on the way back to the flag for a quick jaunt home. He was thankful for “a whole lotta suck”
– Swirly continues to battle back with ailing feet. The consensus was the intramural field was quite posh. Perhaps a Spider boot camp is in the works?
– Fudd is pounding sexy again. #SEXY
– Splinter appreciates the PAX entertaining today’s variation of the 12 days.

Till next time.




  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Very creative Splinter – well done dude !
    Excellent job guys that was no joke – I gave up trying to figure out the pattern about to rounds in.. way to push guys..
    Great to have Fuddski out with @ Spider run this morning !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Nice twist on the 12 days Splinter, I was wondering how you were going to do it. I am sure everyone appreciated the intervals.

  3. Great modified 12 days Splinter. BT and I were talking about Spider Run for a bootcamp workout on the mosey back. I haven’t seen much of the campus other than what we’ve run around this year. Apparently there’s an amphitheater?!

  4. Nice Q Splinter. Running on that field was fantastic. It was like working out on carpet. I’m sure Swirly’s feet were appreciative. Way to change it up and use the AO to do something creative. It was a nice return to Spider Run. Great to see everyone in the gloom today!

  5. Given the backwards-run aspect, my knee would have preferred 8-crazy-nights. Either way, well done my mysterious friend…you always keep us guessing.

    I surmise TYA was a bit hung-over from watching the Dolphins game last night.