Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

40-Year old V


18 Strong Gathered at Hoedown for a 40 year old’s VQ…. Conditions on the field for 4 corners were, well, Slurpee like…Here’s how it went down:


Side Straddle Hop (20 count)

Merkins (10 count)

Flutter Kicks (15 count)

LBC’s (15 count)


-Take a long lap around the neighborhood, back up to the field behind school

-4 Corners (4 times around = 40, 30, 20, and then 10 count)

Corner 1 = LBC’s

Corner 2 = Mtn. Climbers

Corner 3 = Merkins

Corner 4 = Squats

-Mosey to the bottom of Lindsay (15 lunge steps) stop do 3 burpees all the way to the top…Modify, 10 burpees, sprint to top of Lindsay.

-DORA planned, not enough time

-Circle up, Ring of Fire and Mary..



First of all, thanks for all of the support guys!  Special thanks to EF Hutton and Splinter for pre-workout advice.

Kubota and YHC showed up 15 mins early, YHC was feeling what must be normal butterflies for a VQ.  This feeling was not diminished when we noticed a heavy police presence in the school parking lot.  EF Hutton got out of his vehicle next to us and indicated that his car window had just been tapped (followed by a bright light directed at his face by one of Henrico’s finest ).  After EFH explained that he wasn’t the one who set off the school alarm they decided to back off (although police presence continued to loom).

YHC’s name is derived from an event that took place when I was 17 and 10 months old.  As FUDD explained over a year ago during my FNG introduction, I was literally put into handcuffs in front of the Tuckahoe 7-Eleven for the use of tobacco (parents had to come pick me up etc.).  Was the police presence today indeed coincidental?

YHC quickly cast these memories aside, and proceeded to have a blast leading this group of great men.  YHC looks forward to doing it again soon, thanks again for the support fellas!



Numberama, Name Aroma, Splinter took us out.


-HoneyDo – Next Week Wed Happy Hour at the Answer Brewpub.

-Viral = Thursday evening get together for community service planning (contact Viral).

-Kubota = Xmas giving opportunity coming up (contact him for details).



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  1. Woo Hoo! Way to get that VQ in. Looking forward to many more Slurpee Q’s. Love the story on your name, too.

    Anybody headlock those cops?

  2. And the Toolbank tour is actually in the AM. It’s a coffee/donuts type tour. 830AM at the Toolbank

    Richmond Community Toolbank
    1407 Cummings Dr
    Richmond, VA 23220

    Get in touch with me you are interested in learning how we help non profits and charitable folks all over the city!

  3. Nice VQ Slurpee, your cadence in COP was great. Amazed nobody took a spill during the 4 corners.
    Thanks to EF Hutton to getting us clearance from the 5-0. Always good to start the morning off with a cop shining the lights in your face.

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Well done Slurpee – glad to see you on the Q Sheet !
    See y’all in the glooom..

  5. Well done Slurp…you handled it like an old pro. Seems apparent the time you served in Juvey really straightened you out.

    Wish I could have seen EF’s reaction when the officer shined the light on him…then again, maybe it is a somewhat regular occurrence…

  6. Perfect execution Slurpee. well done. Unfortunately, even you could not tame Fudd’s desire to sing…

  7. Well done Slurpee. I’m choosing to believe Fudd called in the PoPo just for your benefit today…nice touch Fudd!

  8. Excellent VQ and command of the AO. The descending 4 corners were a nice touch.

    By all accounts you handled it like an old pro. Looking forward to more Slurpee Qs.

  9. Perhaps it is Saab not paying proper attention, but has anyone noticed how Viral suddenly appears in stealth fashion like a ninja (or a not so diminutive cat burglar)?

  10. Slurpee, you seemed like you’d done that before. Not like most of us, clumsy, nervous, and like a deer in the headlights, at least until the American Hammers. How’d you sleep last night?

    As soon as I pulled into the parking lot and noticed the police activity, I figured I was in for a visit. Did not expect two cars to shine brights on me from different directions. I did try and EH, but Mahoney didn’t seem interested. I think he was a pay for play guy.

    As for the bandana, when you play nerd all day, you need to harden your image. If that draws some heat from the Fuzz, so be it.

  11. Well done, Slurpee! The lunge/burpee/sprint lindsay thing was a tester. As for the 5 oh, i thought for sure Saab was going away for vandalizing the school with muddy donley kicks.

  12. Great VQ Slurpee! Cadence was impressive. You must not be a graduate of Lockjaw’s finishing school of cadence for VQ’s. I agree with BT on the burpee lunges up Lindsay….that kind of sucked. Highlight for me was the ring of Fire when I got to sing Johnny Cash. I was planning on remaining quiet today, but after Splinter’s incessant pleading, I finally relented and sang the song.

    Very well done overall. Would not have expected anything less.