Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Black Ice: A heavy metal tribute band


Six intrepid souls dusted off the tights and gloves for a post-snow run.  Trails are a mess, so we opted for a less muddy route:

Route- Up Boulevard to Cary, over to 1st street and down to Belle Isle.  Head upstream and around Belle Isle, then cross over to Maintenance Access road.  Up the hill to Nickle Bridge and home.


Early on in the run we discovered to truths:  1)  TYA’s M hates the term “Black Ice”.  2)  FNG Whistle Blower’s Mr. does not feel the same….he wants to start up a heavy metal band bearing the same name.  Rock on!

Later at breakfast, we discovered Saab knows where milk comes from, but he was a little shy to explain it with Whistle Blower present.  She (a mother of 2) might not know yet.  It DOES NOT come from soy beans.

Great to have WB finally join us…she was forced to endure TYA and Lab Rat for 12 hours at a race in September.  She earned her name by the race requiring all runners to carry a whistle with them during the event.

Great to have Flashdance out for a Sunday run.  Keep on coming, we’ll do trails soon.

Offshore and Lab Rat had a blast sliding across the bridges this morning!  Roads were good, but bridges were not.

Lab Rat apologizes.


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  1. There is a rather humorous skit from Key and Peele regarding the term “black ice”…I wonder if that is where Kay is coming from…

    I performed extensive research (urban dictionary) and found the following:

    Milk – Noun: Bovine glandular secretions, a food product

    Milk – Verb: (Nothing I would repeat here nor in mixed company at ETs)

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