Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Gas Station Sushi


A hardy 9 men and 3 2.0s gathered at The Creek to test themselves and exprience a three-way Q

Opus has the Q

Scout run around Church

COP all IC

plank jacks


plank jack merkins

flutter kicks

WW2 situps


figure 4 crunches

Tempo Jump Squats

Q gets passed to Yardsale

Indian run around church

Tunnel of Love

Four Corners in the field.  run to first corner first corner 10 Merkins, karaoke to second Corner 20 heals to heaven, Run backwards to third corner 30 flutter kicks , karaoke to fourth corner 40 lbc’s

Mosey to pavilion

Partner up

one partner does Skull Crushers while the other partner runs to road and back then switch. This is dont twice to make sure that both sides get done for Skull Crushers

Mudface Gets the Q

Thunderstruck Merkins

PAX planks up and at each Thunder in Thunderstruck they begin or end a merkins holding it until the next thunder

Thunderstruck Boat/Canoe

Swtich from boat to canoe and back holding until the next thunder

Merkin Ring of Fire to eat up time



Opus took us out


YHC thought that he had signed up to solo Q today, but had instead signed up for next week. Before he knew it he was the last man on a Q threesome, having forgot about the trap that he had set for Opus weeks ago (the last person to Q has to write the back blast) YHC agreed.

Some of the PAX need think about what they are eating the night before workout. The 4th F was in excess this morning, and with the lack of wind it made for an interesting environment.

Fun was had, Jokes were made and sweat was dripped. Good work this morning

Thanks for letting us lead







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  1. Fun times this morning, gentlemen. Doing Thunderstruck with arms twice in one week really does bite. Have a fun snowy weekend!

  2. Great job fellas! Thanks Opus, Yard Sale, and Mudface for stepping up less than 24 hours before. I have to agree with Mudface I’m tired of Merkins!

    Hope to see you all tomorrow and SnowPile (aka Dogpile)!!