Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Aisle 5 to the Rescue!


11 Warriors broke the Fartsack to take on what would certainly turn out to be an interesting day at Twin Team.

The Thang:

SSH x 20
DQ x 10
Copperhead Squats x 15
Helicopters x 10
LBC x 20
Merkins x 10

Mosey to the track
Partner Up
On one end of the track, complete 10 Booyah Merkins – then run to other end of track, 10 Pull ups per partner.  Complete 4 laps total for 40 Booyah Merkins and 40 pull ups.

Al Gore

Mosey to Basketball Court

Shooters Choice:
All PAX members get 3 shots from the foul line.  While shooting the shooter chooses what exercise the PAX will do while shooting.  Shooter can go as fast or as slow as they want with their shots.  If shot is made, move on to next shooter.  If shooter misses all 3, then all PAX members run length of 3 basketball courts and back and continue to next shooter.  All PAX members got 2 rounds, many excercises, listed below as many as I can remember.
•Monkey Humpers
•Arm Circles
•Carolina Dry Docks
•Sword Fight
•Freddie Mercury
•Grab your phone — Nice touch Jenny Craig
•Jump Squats

Mosey to Flag
30 Secs of SSHs to complete

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out.

See Viral for assistance with Non Profit Tool Bank
Prayers for Rosie’s father in law having heart surgery

YHC had thought long and hard about taking the PAX up Twin Team today but couldn’t convince himself to do it in fear of how dark the hill is.  But now after mentioning that, Rosie and Gumbo informed YHC its not too dark, so I have a Q in my back pocket.  Either way fun was had with some help of our good buddy Aisle 5.  YHC wanted to incorporate some basketball into the Q, but low and behold his basketball was flat and had no pump.  So leaning on Wilson to come through, same scenario, but he had a pump and a ball.  With a plan in place to pump the ball up in the clown car on the way to the AO, we were set.  Only to find out Wilson’s pump didn’t work halfway to the AO.  Thanks Wilson!  So back to the Twin Team hill it is no matter how dark it is.  But wait, as the PAX gathered and the deflated ball and YHC ‘s deflated plan is being joked about, Aisle 5 proudly announces he has a pump in his car! Aisle 5 you are the man!!  As for the free throws, ill just say we ran a lot.  Tons of mumblechatter and plenty of ribbing each other on their jumpers.  Also want to Welcome Hippa (FNG), another from the New Market nano region, if your counting that’s 12, but only Wilson is counting.  Strong work by all, good to see Viral and Beaker back out as well.  Have a great weekend with whatever you maybe doing!


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  1. Marmaduke – my bad. Knew there was a 50/50 chance it would crap out on us, but there would have been NO Aisle 5 if we did not chat last night…………..
    That was a fun workout. Enjoyed teaming up with Tatu on the running. We view running the same way! I am hopeful I will make the first snow workout tomorrow, but waiting to see if SAT’s are cancelled………..don’t ask!

    • Great article….Hey, one of you New Market Nano-ites: go over to Sparky and Honeymoon’s houses and show them this:

      ENGAGE THE ELEMENTS. If they had a gym at French Commando School I never saw it. We did everything outside, regardless of the temperature. I realized then, and still believe now, that there is a physical and emotional softening that results from working out in a brightly lit and temperature controlled environment. Your body and mind get accustomed to it. Outside, it gets cold and it rains. Your body can adapt to that, but it needs to be subjected to it. Only by engaging the elements can one learn to overcome them. Survivors are not slowed down by the bad weather, they use it to their advantage.

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