Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Must Be a Slow Morning Down at the Precinct


12 familiar faces rolled up to claim the Amphitheater as ours before the tomatoes strapped on their blinky shoes.  Here is what happened:

COP- SSH, IW, DQ, arm circles, hand release merkins, LBc’s, crab cakes.


Rusty Cage- partner up, do 50 pullups as a group…..scratch that, as a couple.

The Beast of the Amphitheater (still taking names suggestions)- Beast inside the amphitheater.  Instead of using 25, 50, and 25 of a football field, you do reps every 4th step (or so).  As all Beasts go, 6 reps 6 times, 6 different exercises.  Derkins, box jumps, WW2 Situps, Lt Dans, Dips, burpees.

Mary- American hammers, APD’s, Freddie Mercury’s, backpedal Freddie Mercury’s (pax favorite), 6 inches to heels to heaven to 6 inches.


-First off, YHC wanted to show off his new shirt from F3 Florence…which he traded an RVA shirt for while down there.  Let’s just say that Lab Rat should have picked someone with a little more meat on their bones to trade with.  It looked like a can of biscuits blew open.  Emoji references were made.

-While in the amphitheater, a group of ladies came to use the stage while we were on the steps.  The beautiful part was they all had light up shoes like Offshore!  The guys on stage left were trying to figure out if Offshore was still with us, or if he felt compelled to go join the Tomatoes with his infamous shoes.  He stayed with us (I think).

-Except for the Lt. Dan’s, I think the Beast in the Amphitheater (still taking names suggestions) was a serious hit.  Incline merkins would have been good to use.  Box jumps, although hated, are a must do for this.

While running back to the flag, a patrol car showed up at a white pickup truck parked eschew on the side of the road.  Followed by another patrol car, and an ambulance, and a patrol car, and a fire truck, and another patrol car or two.  Not sure what happened, but that seems like a whole bunch of lights for 1 truck that cannot seat more than 3 people.  Must have been a slow morning in the RVA.

Apology of the week:  Apology of the Week goes out to the entire pax at the COP….but mainly Hardywood.  It seems that my decision to rush thru the formalities and get right down to business was not met with public approval (surprise, surprise).  I was following Saab’s tremendous shivering queue, and the fact that it was all regulars this morning.  My next Q, I will make sure to handle all beginning formalities with fervor and over exaggerations….for sarcastic effect.


Lab Rat Apologizes…


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  1. Well done, men!

    Actually, the real apology goes out to Bodo’s, whom I called Keymaster all morning. I really am a bit of an idiot. Sorry, dude.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Good job guys – it was great to be back in the mix…
    See y’all in the gloom…

  3. Grateful that IM-proper Doras did not make an appearance today

    Lt Dans are still about as worthwhile as (small) arm circles…just sayin’

    Eschew: (v) deliberately avoid using; abstain from. Askew: (adj) not in a straight or level position….Just sayin’

    Lab Rat really knows his deciduous trees

  4. Nope…for example:

    Saab will often “eschew” Lt Dans and Proper Doras for a more useful exercise

    Lab Rat’s form-fitting shirt was “askew” and exposed his (hairy?) tramp stamp

  5. Proper LTD’s done the way Sippy does them can leave a mark. And fwiw, Vincent “Askew” is a former NBA’er from Memphis known for questionable recruiting in his later years as a basketball coach.

  6. I dont know why, but this definition(?) made me laugh very much.

    Heard your down in the dumps, BT…hope you are recovering.

  7. I’ll bet you a steaming plate of Gonzi Chicken stir fry will get you over the bar! Tomorrow at noon! Saab promised me he will be there, too.

  8. Lab Rat – Great Q brother. I gave you a hard time because there is a 100% chance if I was the Q and didn’t keep things askew, I’d never hear the end of it. Big ups to Swirly for showing up today. You are a warrior. I don’t know really why I was surprised.